[TEAM 2015] - Communiations - PR and external communication - Berlin event June 2015


Hi @Anna_Perrottet Could you pls tell me when and where is the meeting today - am a bit lost :slight_smile: Thx!!

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Hi @MartinaSkender, it’s at the Open Tech Summit. You can apply for a free ticket to the summit here: https://ots15.eventbrite.com/?discount=openit. We said we would meet a bit earlier for the communications, about 6pm. @Lars2i

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Hi @sophia I am still not sure if I will be at Berlin on May 21. I sent a pitch request to Sustainability Drinks for OSCE presention and for Na from Shenzhen Design Center presentation.

@Lars2i any other ideas on who could pitch OSCE at Sustainability Drinks on May 21? http://sustainabilitydrinks.de/

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Hi, i am going to present the OSCEdays tomorrow at the SENSE Drink Kick Off - FOOD & THE CITY event in the Prinzessinnengärten 19:30.

@Rafael_Secim Do you still want to join. Would be cool!

They say, it is super casual, so probably no slides. But if we need slides. Here is a presentation we could use.


Another option where we could promote the OSCEDays Berlin Event: http://www.teamcsr.de/
Is there anybody from the communication team who wants to add it? If not, let me know if I should post it…

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I added it and they told me they would add it to the list. It seems to take time though…


Dear Communication Team,

I don´t know if you are aware of it but, we are NAME and we are making some videos and posters for the OSCE Days Berlin here is the link for the first video https://vimeo.com/167281965
Would be nice to share it around on your social media channels.

The next video is coming soon.

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