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Press Release: Open Source Circular Economy Days Berlin


Press release and invitation to the press conference on June 11th 2015, in Agora Collective (Mittelweg 50, 12053 Berlin)

Berlin, 06.04.15/ The Open Source Circular Economy Days take place from June 11th to 15th, for the first time worldwide, in more than 30 cities. One of the biggest and most diverse events will be held in Berlin- with a particular focus on circular economy in textiles.

The topic of circular economy is hotter than ever- people worldwide are working on solutions related to resource use. However, instead of being developed and possessed by big companies alone, this knowledge should be available to the broader public. The question which will be dealt with during the Open Source Circular Economy Days is: Could the Open Source methodology be the key to the development and organization of, and the transition to a circular economy?

More than 30 cities are participating with events, discussions and results to build a path towards a circular economy. In Berlin, the event will take place over four days at Agora Collective in Neukölln. Over 100 participants will work on different challenges in order to achieve, invent and build a circular economy driven by open source methods.

Open source circular economy?

Circular economy is a vision of an economy that works without waste, in symbiosis with our environment and resources. It relies on renewable energy and realizes intelligent, ecosystem-friendly production and supply chains, working with circular flows of resources rather than our current linear, one-way resource system. Circular economy is a vision of a sustainable alternative to our current economic structure, but more often than not, we lack ideas and examples to help us get there.

Open source means the transparent and decentralised sharing, use and development of technical solutions. Open source methodologies first became known in the world of software and are now spreading to more and more areas. Open Hardware, Open Design, Open Data, Open Education are just a few keywords. Open source relies on inclusion, decentrality, open standards and new business models.

The question which the global Open Source Circular Economy Days pose for the first time is: Could the open source methodology be the key to the development, the organisation and the transition to a circular economy?

How does the event work?

During the OSCEdays the focus is on practical work. The OSCEdays are a hackathon. Communities are built and maintained in all participating cities to work openly on local problems, ideas and projects (Challenges). The cities will be continuously connected through an online platform and video streaming allowing us to work together and share our solutions.
A global circular economy has to be invented globally. This is being made possible by a transparent and open working method.

One of the biggest local events will be held in Berlin. Over 100 participants will debate and build for four days at the Agora Coworking Space in Neukölln, with a focus on local Challenges and the exchange of ideas with the global community.
Outstanding Challenges being worked on in Berlin are i.e. the “Circular Textile Challenges” organized by Sophia Opperskalski (Interloom), Ina Budde and Frans Prins dealing with circular textiles, circular fashion production or the project “Waste Management 2.0” by Veolia.

Partners and sponsors of the event are, among others, Veolia (environmental and waste disposal services) and Berlin Partner.

Invitation to the press conference and concluding discussion

We cordially invite you to our press conference on June 11th at 10:30 at the Agora Coworking Space. The Open Source Circular Economy Days end on Monday, June 15th at 14:30 with a concluding panel discussion on the topic. The panel will be comprised of representatives from OSCEdays, Veolia, ALBA, Coca-Cola, the Green Party and others.


We are happy to answer any of your questions before and during Open Source Circular Economy Days.

ANNA PEROTTET (deutsch): a.perrottet@getchanged.net, 0157 3847 39 69
MARTINA SKENDER (englisch): hello@martinaskender.com, 0172 2864 989
LARS ZIMMERMANN: zimmermann.lars@email.de, 0176 218 65 009
JULIA PERERA: julia-perera@web.de, 0157 803 09 186
/Communications team/

More information
OSCEdays global website: http://oscedays.org
OSCEdays Berlin website: http://oscedays.org/berlin
Program of the Open Source Circular Textile Challenges: https://oscedays.org/circular-textile-challenges-berlin/

Global Open Source Circular Economy Days

The global OSCEdays emerged from a cooperation between parties from Paris, London and Berlin. Parts of the Berlin team play a substantial role in the organization of the global event. Other participating cities are: Asia: Singapore, Chennai, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Yogyakarta, Shenzen; Europe : Stockholm, Nijmengen, Barcelona, Athens, Augsburg, Bergen, Vienna, Helsinki, Linz, Rotterdam, Lyon, Rennes; USA: Chicago, Indianapolis; Africa: Lomé, Abidjan, Johannesburg, Cape Town; Latin America: Bogotá; Egypt: Cairo; Australia: Perth; New Zealand: Auckland.

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