[TASK] Collecting Addresses of Journalists

(TASK is part of the OSCEdays Berlin Communications Team)

We are collecting addresses now in an external document. Want to join the team and need access. Just ping @Anna_Perrottet & @Lars2i


we should start to collecting some addresses of journlalists to send the press release and invitation to the press conference to. I’ll start. Please add. Here in the main topic (it is a wiki) or as a comment in the thread.

Michael Wasner, wasner.michael@googlemail.com
Sabine Krätzschmar, bkraetzschmar@aol.com
Carsten Janke janke@berlinerjournalistenbuero.de
Journalistenbüro Berlin, blees@journalistenbuero-berlin.de
Berliner Journalistenbüro, info@berlinerjournalistenbuero.de
Nora Zaremba, FREITAG, nmzaremba@googlemail.com

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Maybe good to inform:

For next year smile

@Frans @sophia @Alice_audrey @transitionmica @Ina @MartinaSkender @matthias @CarolinePaulickThiel
Do you know journalists, we could send our press release to/to invite to our press conference? Please add them here. Thank you.


Communication agencies:

TAZ: mla@taz.de, ippolito@taz.de, das@taz.de, kaul@taz.de, sb@taz.de

@JuliaP, Please send me your e-mail address, so I can invite you to edit the google doc for the addresses.

thank you, I added it.

Done, thank you. That’s fine already.

Dear @MartinaSkender, @JuliaP, @sophia, @FransPrins, @Ina, @Lars2i
one more week to go, for motivating participants and then sending the big press release out. there are still a lot of addresses lacking in the presseverteiler, and I am not sure at all, which addresses have received the call for participants.
I hope tonight we can find a good solution on who is entering which addresses, and may be able to catch up on the overall status of call for participants sent out.
If you already find the time, please paste addresses of people who you have sent the call for participants to into the presseverteiler. Let me know if you still need to be invited to the google document

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@MartinaSkender, @JuliaP and I decided we could divide the addresses that still lack an e-mail (marked yellow) in the presseverteiler-list by three, to fill up until coming wednesday. would it be ok for you to take the last third of addresses (last 120 ones), and fill up the addresses wherever you think it could be important and make sense (not all hast to be complete, but as much as possible would be great).


Last reminder:
Yeay! We have over 300 ideas and names, who to send the Berlin Press Release for the osce-days to. Some of them are still lacking an e-mail address.
Today is the deadline: If anyone still would like to add addresses that the Press Release has to be sent to, feel welcome to add them to the google doc :slight_smile: Please let me know with a ping if you still need to be invited to the doc, and with which e-mail-adress @JuliaP @MartinaSkender @mathias @cameralibre @sophia @Ina @Alice_audrey @Natacha @CarolinePaulickThiel, @transitionmica @Lars2i

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