OSCEdays Framework Development 2017

Hi everyone,

This is the thread for the Strategy Framework. Please share info here on ideas that will map the way forward for OSCE Days for the next 5 years.


###Related Sub-Topics

UPDATE: Write Up With All Results

###Workshops (So Far)

Following the discussion above we started a series of calls to define a framework and had a number of polls around it.

Building a new house for OSCEdays


Work already started to be used as basis for planning the next 5 years:

We will use the following file as working draft and final summary of our plan:


@jose.urra86 was in Berlin this weekend and we had the chance to meet. We discussed some interesting ideas of him what could OSCEdays try to turn into.

Here are scans of our notes. Cryptic without explanation, i know. Explanation will follow I think.

This is a second Iteration on the Schematic at the Top and after also a discussion with @JayKay. The main discussion is around the economic feasibility of OSCEdays, how to scale it, what opportunities are there considering a more serious/dedicated Business Model.

This is a very first iteration, we have been also thinking about platform model: http://platformdesigntoolkit.com/wp-content/docs/Platform-Design-Toolkit-Whitepaper-ENG.pdf

OSCEDays - OSCEDays as a spin off startup [social open enterprise-] (1).pdf (19.3 KB)


I added some notes to the Strategy Framework in green. Hope they are useful :smiley:

Interesting phenomenon to consider in Shenzen.
Check this video, it adds to the evolution of Open Source today and it brings some interesting ideas for us as a project.

Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware (Full Documentary) | Future Cities | WIRED

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I think the first decision we need to make is what type of organization we want to be in 2022, all the rest will follow from it. We can use the loomio tool for this and other decisions( @transitionmica )

Please continue to make changes in the Google doc, like @jose.urra86 Jose did (thank you) in preparation for the Apr 3 BoST meeting.


I have collated various bits to improve the objectives, based on old conversations. It needs to be improved, clarified, refined, but reflects the more up to-date conversations we had in Berlin in 2015.

I have reviewed the CAP document that @Gien posted on our Draft. Collective Awareness Platforms. It think is a good opportunity to try it out as a natural step for OSCEdays. It gives also very good guidelines for us. See it here in the Innovation Actions section:

I am preparing an application as an Innovation Initiative, see the requirements and ideas here :

The idea basically is to take this opportunity, based on our experience and find support in this program, including funding. I am also particularly interested in supporting myself financially while working on this type of projects, this will allow me and other members to dedicate more time and focus to OSCEdays.

As a general remark we should try to create also a habt of applying for such opportunities, on a systematic basis as a joint effort including the shuttle worth foundation. For instance if different people from our team want to develop a local project aligned with OSCE vision, we should encourage us to make different application of different topics, is only a win-win.


Lost Deadline, thought it was later. But the call closed at 17:00 time from Brussels :frowning:

@jose.urra86 it’s a good start that we can use for another opportunity. I didn’t have enough time to review it.

Please continue to make comments and suggestions on our Strategic Framework. Our next review is May 30th (check BoST calls) and we want to make progress in deciding our organizational type and structure. We would appreciate it if all the members of our community would contribute to shaping the future of OSCEdays. Thank you.


@BoST I have been looking at this again today, lots of useful and interesting input so far. Let’s keep working on it so that we have something coherent for the 30th.


We should also be looking at the open value network model. I know @gien and @cameralibre have mentioned this in the past too. http://valuenetwork.referata.com/wiki/Main_Page

Another relevant forum thread: How to scale up OSCE approaches?

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####infrastructure projects?

Comment from BoST Call June 19, 2017


From my current OSCEdays-Slidedeck

So why not when we do (2) to (1) at the same time. When it - at least in theory - is easier that way.


Follow-up from July 4 @BoST call:

  1. Add a vision short statement in the OSCEdays Strategic Framework document on Google drive. Go to page 5 and ignore the rest, for the moment.

  2. Review the list of organization choices. The list will be used in Loomio to decide which one we’ll pursue.
    a. Current informal network
    b. Association (non-profit, member based professional organization). Example: SWE
    c. Social enterprise (commercial enterprise with social impact greater or equal to financial returns). Example https://www.benetech.org/
    d. Cooperative (commercial enterprise operated by its members for their mutual benefit)
    e. Foundation (non-profit organization funded by donations for the purpose of distributing grants to others)
    f. Other

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Hey @BoST

I added a vision for the future path and strategy to the document. It is on the last page (19). Sorry, didn’t find another place for it in the doc. We could go for from ‘Open Source Circular Economy Days’ to the ‘Open Source Circular Economy Year’ step by step, open source tutorial after open source tutorial towards 365 Tutorials To Save The World.

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Great, Lars, I moved your vision statement and narrative on page 5, the section in the doc we are currently working on. We now have a great selection of vision statements to choose from, hopefully at our next call.

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