[Workshop Sep 29, 11 am - 3 pm GMT] - 2017 - Strategy Call #2

META: Workshop is part of Strategic Framework Discussions

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Online workshop for strategy review on Skype.
Please note that no other topics will be discussed.

Moderator: Seigo

Continue work on Outcomes
Finish OSCE visual
Clean-up slides
Update Values with Loomio decision

see you there everyone.

Interesting article from FB page: https://medium.com/@designforsustainability/valuing-the-commons-by-cooperatively-sharing-the-gifts-of-life-afb4eb5ec3ff

Worth considering the following:
Elinor Ostrom, the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize in economics… reviewed a number of successful and unsuccessful cases of communities governing a common resource; and identified a set of ‘design principles’ leading to successful collective management of the commons:

  1. define the community of people sharing the commons
  2. adapt rules of use to the type of commons and its users
  3. commoners themselves have to set the rules
  4. the state of the commons has to be monitored in an accountable way
  5. abuse by individuals needs to be curbed in a gradual way

I met with someone today that came to the Cambridge 2016 event I ran. She had some interesting thoughts. Two highlights:

  1. A network of experts to call upon for 1-on-1 support to ask questions would be useful. It could be that this could be paid for into an OSCEdays organisation with the expert giving time voluntarily? For example, if Person A is working on a packaging challenge and needed some advice on polymers treatment for LDPE then Person B could offer say a 30 minute Skype call. Person A pays a donation and gets the information/sources/pointers needed and uploads the related solution on to the site.

  2. Indeed, even a motivated person finds the forum confusing to navigate.


I can participate. Elinor Ostrom’s work is great.

I am in, hopefully I will have no connection issues. Looking forward to making progress.


I hope I am not a complete idiot, in the sense that we are still putting together the values list for me to add it on Loomio and that a decision was not expected for tomorrow’s review. It’s too late to do anything if the latter is the case, so we’ll have to go along with my mistake and agree to have the list on Loomio next week.

I can’t be there for the full four hours, but will be available for the first two.

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No, I think it’s fine, it could be one that goes out to the wider forum too - I don’t think an immediate response is necessary as long as it’s on our “to do”.


We made progress and stopped at “Outcomes”. Will pick it up in the next session on October 16.


Part of the session were: @Silvia @sharmarval @Qing @seigorobinson @Gien & @Lars2i