[Workshop Oct 16, 2:30 pm GMT] - 2017 - Strategy Call #3

META: Workshop is part of Strategic Framework Discussions

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Online workshop for strategy review on Skype.
Please note that no other topics will be discussed.

Moderator: Seigo

Will follow shortly

@Lars2i @Qing @sharmarval @seigorobinson

I would love to meet some of you while in Europe. I can go to Berlin or to London for workshop #3. Let me know what would work best, who is in town and has time to talk/show OSCE work/places beyond the workshop that day.


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Cool :slight_smile: I still wait for a response from someone to know if I am in Berlin that day. Might be that I am not. Which would be a pity. But the chance is only 30% I guess. I should know by the end of the week. Would be so cool to finally meet.

As I wrote already Silvia, I can’t come to Paris, but if you want to come to London that day you are more than welcome to stay at ours. Of course it would also be great to meet, finally! :slight_smile:

I’m only getting back late morning from Italy so couldn’t make Paris but could probably make London in time if you were to make it over!

Thank you all for your response. Let me know any updates on Berlin, I will decide probably on Oct 14, the day I arrive in Paris, where to go.

I won’t be in Berlin. I am in the middle of Germany for one day and then off to Munich.

So London then? Would have loved to meet. :-/

Next time, then, for Berlin.

@sharmarval @seigorobinson It’s London then. I’ll plan the trip once I get to Paris and let you know my schedule. I hope to meet @TechnicalNature too.

See you soon.


Okay I’ll move a few things in Cambridge and see you in London - @sharmarval are you able to host or know of any good spots?

Hi @seigorobinson @Silvia it will be easiest for me to do this at the University, as I have another meeting at 4.

See you tomorrow. I sent you both a message with my mobile number and my schedule.