[Workshop Sep 8, 11 am - 3 pm GMT] - 2017 - Strategy Call #1

META: Workshop is part of Strategic Framework Discussions

Please confirm your participation @BoST

Online workshop for strategy review.
Please note that no other topics will be discussed.

Moderator: Seigo

Agenda will follow.

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Hi everyone, I’ll be there!

I’ll participate also.

Hi all, count me in.

Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

Is it correct that we will start at 11pm GMT? I think it should be 11am? cc @Lars2i

Update: Sorry, I realised that I read this wrong. See you at 7pm GMT.

ough. What? 7 pm? I thought this would be a workshop during the day - starting 11am. I have a paid gig at 7pm Berlin time and can’t join.



Hi all, we have a problem with the time. Please check if we can meet at 11 am GMT and confirm as comment.

I would love 11 am GMT. I would even be happy to start earlier 9 am GMT or even 8 pm GMT.

But to keep it simple: 11 am GMT is great.

I would also be in for earlier, 8 or 9 pm GMT. But 11 am works.

Hi, I’m flexible. 11am-3pm works for me

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Sorry, I just realised that several things I thought I’d put up (incl. minutes from prior call) seem to have been saved in drafts due to me having dodgy wifi 10 days or so ago. Please find attached slides I aim to take folk through.

Would be helpful for @BoST to do a little homework and think about:

  • Success/failures to date

  • Values (if not covered in document)

  • The need/gaps we’re aiming to fill

  • The outcomes (end states) we’re aiming to get to e.g. “People are enabled to make a living with OSCE”

  • If time we’ll also cover Outputs - so tangible work outputs e.g. “XXX freely available, easy to follow solutions/actions”

  • Similarly, if time (unlikely) we’ll cover Activities/Inputs. These should back out obviously from Outputs so no need to spend time on this unless you have a burning desire to suggest something.

2017-09-08 Strategy session - v07.pptx (1.5 MB)

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Re the successes / failures to date, a lot of this has been discussed in this thread, with input from community members as well:**

@Melanie_Tan has also provided input on that here:

"1, BoST
The work and job scope definitely needs to be more defined. It would make it easier to contribute if one knows what is to be expected or what needs to be done by a certain time. The time difference in Southeast Asia and constant traveling on my part makes it difficult to attend calls sometimes. But if there are key targets, it would be much clearer on what one needs to achieve.

2. Defining OSCE Days
There should also be a timeline on where the organization is heading to. It is still unclear on what type of impact OSCEdays is aiming to make on the global community. There has been a lot of awareness on what OSCE is but maybe it should focus on a few main topics.

While an online community is able to connect many people, it is not really the best place to have committed projects.

Could it also be possible to identify “circular economy hubs” or organizations which are pursuing projects in the area and make them OSCE days hubs where people who are interested in OSCE days can have more committed meetups to pursue a project based on circularity.

5. Future BoST calls
I would recommend moving towards a whatsapp chat/ telegram instead of calls for more informal and quicker responses rather than calls if there is to be bi weekly calls."

From here:

Perhaps this is simply something that needs to be synthesised?

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Here are the (somewhat) tidied working slides post Session 1

Few actions to follow-up on:

  • @seigorobinson to tidy slides [Done]
  • @Silvia to setup thread for next strategy session [Done]
  • @Silvia to add Values to the next BoST agenda [Done]
  • @Lars2i solicit more responses / finalise the OSCEdays definition on this thread
  • @Lars2i to create a thread to tackle the OSCEdays framework diagram [Done]
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