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#Call For Open Circularity Solutions

The Open Source Circular Economy Days tries to find and produce open source circularity solutions to point people across the globe to so they can start to copy them, implement them, build on them and improve them.

Luckily the number of available circularity resources increases constantly. But we can’t find all solutions ourselves. This is our call for help. Do you have produced or know about good, well documented, usable solutions and possibilities? Please let us know here! You can either:

  • Post the link to the resource below as a comment (signing up is quick), or

  • create an entire new topic for it in one of the green solutions categories, or

  • if you have the resources on your computer and not on the web yet – you can upload it to a web platform or repository of your choice first and then share the link. You can also upload everything directly here to the forum. This forum allows to share files and images (see video tutorial).

#What Makes A Good ‘Open Circularity Resource’?

A few pointers:

  • It must be about circularity or sustainability. (See for the scope into the definition we are playing with.)

  • It is real instructive information like building plans, detailed process descriptions, OS-software and so on you – ready to be used and build upon – do something other than just consume. (So no ads for closed source circular products pls.)

  • It is ideally available under open licenses (= the instructions are shared under open culture licenses; the hardware is free = not patented or otherwise protected).


  • The highest possible standard shares editable files (= knowledge circularity). But since the OSCEdays is a start we are also happy with people going just half the way – to enable physical circularity. To get inspiration how to document really well check the Open Source It Manual and the Best Practices Of Open Source Hardware.

Circularity solutions: city hacks, ‘make it circular’ poster, urban food production, precious plastic (oshw); mycology, open standards; (img credits)

Share Your Solutions

Thanks For Playing

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