SOLUTION - Build machines to recycle plastic locally with Precious Plastic

Precious Plastics is a project that offers the plans to build 4 machines that will allow you to recycle plastics locally.

The machines are open source.

The project is very famous and very well made. Got to their website there you can find the plans for the machines, a forum to ask questions and find answers. You can also check youtube for more tutorials. Many people across the globe have started to build and use the machines locally. Join them!

An example for a tutorial video:

and one more:

##Precious Plastics @OSCEdays

In 2016 several local events have build a machine for example @Timm & @mattia in the 2016 Berlin event:

hello @Timm and @mattia w’ve built precious palstic machines and will be experimenting moulding, could we get some feedback from you ?

What kind of feedback?

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