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This topic is about the Management of OSCEdays Website (WORDPRESS) running on oscedays.org

The role of the Website Manager is currently taken by: @Lars2i

Find a complete OSCEdays TECHNICAL INFRASTRUCTURE Documentation here

Website Management

@Lars2i: I manage the website. I

  • Design it & keep it up to date (send me info to add)
  • Give people access to it – for example to post blogpost or edit subpages
  • Make sure it runs
  • Keep the documentation about it up to date (see below)

Just ping me or ask a question on the website below in the comments.

Website Documentation


Owned by @pierreozoux
more info

Hosted At + Master Admin

Indihosters – @pierreozoux
Pierre is also here on the forum. You can ping him. But please send also a mail to him in urgent cases with a link to the topic with your question. In contact with Pierre @cameralibre @Lars2i & @unteem

Payment & Contract


Admin Rights For Backend

Admin rights have right now

Theme running

2016 (running) “Make

2015 Theme was “Starter

Plugins installed (and active)


for Stats

Ninja Forms

Where we collect Newsletter Sign ups (Compare Newsletter Solution Documentation)

Easy Google Fonts

For fonts.

Simple Custom CSS

To make changes in the Style.css

Disable Comments

To make our website fit for the GDPR (context 1, context 2) und reduce risk @Lars2i disabled all comment functionality on the website with the plugin “Disable Comments”

DELETED Plugin: Role Scoper

We used the Role-Scoper plugin 2015 & 2016 to allow local organizers to edit subpages about their local events. We changed the procedure for local events in autumn 2016 so the Role Scoper Plugin wasn’t needed anymore.

Backup Procedure

Horrifyingly: None! :frowning: – Probably Pierre runs backups. But I need to look into setting up a procedure.

Other Useful Information

On the Theme – Be Careful When Changing The Theme!

Currently the theme “Make” is installed and runs. The current website, the Website for the OSCEdays Event in June 2016 and the Open Labs on the Circular City website use the “Builder Template” of this theme. This comes with a problem. If we change the theme this websites will be gone. So before changing the theme make sure, there is a solution for this.

I think we should not update the Wordpress till June 13 because Role Scoper - the plugin we use to give local organizers access to the main page - is winding down its support. Would be a catastrophy if local organizers could not update their pages a view days before the event.

If there are major security issues and updating the wordpress absolutely unavoidable then of course we will - and hope for the best with Role Scoper.

website details.pdf (1.2 MB)

some (minimal) ideas to website

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hey Ricardo, this is very good! Thank you.

I have a question for now about the first page. I really like the 6 squares you have there and the summary sentences. Do you think the 6 squares should be presented like this on the website or do you just suggest, that this info should be easier to find? Or highlighted in some way?

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Hi. a bit of everything.

I think these are very relevant topics and should be quick access for people. If possible we could highlight them as buttons of some color, which could be these pictures or we could design some icons that identify each button, with a small description.

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Great. Because you highlighted some issues with the webpage I had the chance to get a fresh look at it too. I saw a lot of stuff that is not very good. Jeai.

I will come up with new suggestions that work with the design in the coming weeks. This may take a while, cause at the moment the Open Labs keep us all busy - but stuff will happen soon.

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This is great! I totally agree with your suggestions @RicardoRug and also thinking that in the six new boxes you have proposed we could also highlight the OSCEdays resources that have been developed so far (open business model workshop) and putting these into the OSCEdays style / identity.

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website details version 1.1.pdf (1.3 MB)

Hi there, I added some things to Ricardo’s comments on the website. At the end of the document I put the new comments in grey. This is a first abstract layout expressing the idea more in consistency with web design standards. I would try to elaborate more on the proposal later.

“## means comments and concepts behind the content architecture and design.”

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Great! We are building up momentum and ideas for a new website! Keep them coming. :muscle:


I had a good session with @sammy a few weeks ago too.

He suggested to look at the website of OpenIdeo - they are doing a good job communicating what they are about. And I think, he is right! https://openideo.com/

Sammy said:

  • Have a big punchline on top.
  • We was surprise about the list of cities? Why is this here? What is this?
  • The big graphical header “Open Source Circular Economy Day” he found not necessary. The information comes to often…
  • Put the name under the logo
  • Make the list of cities left aligned (easier to read)

What did I miss Sammy?

###@Sharmarval & @transitionmaike

With @sharmarval & @transitionmaike we came up with the idea to present the ACTIONS in boxes. So it becomes more immediately visible what is available to do.

###What is the one thing we want to communicate?
Let’s assume for a moment that when people go to a website for the first time the website has the chance to exactly deliver ONE thing. Not two.

Open Ideo says: “You can work with people to save the world (solve ‘biggest challenges’).”

If this is true, what should be the ONE thing the OSCEdays website communicates?

If this were true - it would challenge the idea with the 6 boxes. Too many messages.

What do you think?

(About the ONE thing to communicate we could/should look into this & this (What is OSCE by @ricardorug) and this (by @andythomson2000 )

###A bigger picture

(With Sharon and Maike we had another pretty good idea I will share later on too. Just need to scan an image for that.)


I agree with the big header opinion. Unless is a dynamic widget that shows key information, and is updated, or has a nice video. But the big banner as it is now static should be improved, or removed.


##to do

Just add an item to the to do list for the redesign of the website

  • BoST members link do not work

Let’s meet up again after New Year to brainstorm @Lars, I’d be happy to look into wordpress design options of the theme we’re using, create a suggestion for people to discuss and make suggestions on that are less theoretical. Let’s play around a bit…

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##Website 2017 First Draft

Hi, I am sitting in the subway in Berlin where we have internet now gives me a second to share the draft for the new OSCEdays website. Please @BoST look at it and give feedback. I am going to implement new things next week.

PDF: Website OSCEdays 2017 Draft Vs1.pdf (1.7 MB)

EDITABLE FILE (doc): Website OSCEdays 2017 Draft Vs1.doc (1.7 MB)

ping @RicardoRug @transitionmaike @jose.urra86


Website OSCEdays 2017 Draft Vs1.doc (1.7 MB)

i write some things about the website.

Great! Thanks. Have a look at the page I already built it. http://oscedays.org

On the suggestions:

  • Can we put a link that scrolls down? - Nope, or I don’t know how to do that. I know one way, but it will cause the whole page to reload and the page is pretty heavy …

  • I tried the 2 columns with the Call to ACTION (Images on the left text on the right). But it did not convince me. The way it is is also not perfect, I know.

  • “I do not know if it is better to place support in this part or better (before the call to action) above, as it might be confusing that support is being requested for a specific action and not for OSCED.” Mmh. Have a look at the page. Do you experience a confusion. If so let’s do something about it. But placing the support request as the 3rd information of the website … does this work as a main message?

  • On the map: I thought about erasing the list of cities + the map. It is still there. What do you think, erase it - or - and I think this is a good idea - transfer it to the past events website.

  • I asked 2 people about the faces. They all said, faces are good. You want to see the people. Let’s discuss it in the next call(s). If we decide to erase the faces - great Idea to also put the profession.

@BoST - The new website is up. Feedback welcome

First of all: thanks for all the work. Whatever is NOT mentioned here are parts I like and think we should keep.

comments (added as I scoll down):

@Lars2i : maybe we can sit down for half an hour soon to go over the language together. I can come to your place.

I thought we agreed to have the picture smaller on the start page, now it says OSCE in three different ways before anyone gets information what it actually is (the blue bit only shows the first line on my screen until I scroll down)

I’d say: take, do/ make, join - run is logical, but only when you scroll down enough to read the text below the symbols. The run symbol is pointing backwards? I don’t find them self-explanatory.

I would align the events to the center not to the left.

overall: too much information, too much scrolling. I think it’s better to have more links and put things on sub-pages. keep it more simple to give an overview and let people click on the parts they want to know more about.

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An update to the main body:

Disable Comments

To make our website fit for the GDPR (context 1, context 2) und reduce risk @Lars2i disabled all comment functionality on the website with the plugin “Disable Comments”

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