Glosary and definitions

In the experience of OSCE activities that we have done in my city, we have found it difficult to communicate to people clearly much of the terminology that is handled on the website, in the OSCE philosophy, and that in a way make it difficult for some people to do Use of the platform and the activities we carry out.

Would it be convenient to carry out an analysis of this terminology? The idea would be a construction among all of what the OSCE means.

Could be developed as an ACTION?

osced definitions.pdf (98.5 KB)


Yes, this is my experience as well: while I find the connection between OS and CE a very logical step, many people struggle to understand C2C, have no idea what OS-methodology actually means and how this could apply to CE, and if they can they find it hard to imagine the economy aspect in OSCE. Never mind our internal debate about the difference between Challenge and ACTION, terms like iteration…

In addition I myself struggle a bit with the layout of the platform as it doesn’t allow well to organise information in the thread, making it hard even for me as the author to recover infromation from my own documentation…

I do think we need to discuss further what @Lars started a while ago: platform develoment, the definition of OSCE in understandable terms, and explaing OS business models to people who only know capitalism vs state vs socialism…

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