READ ME FIRST: OSCEdays Global Communication

This is the READ ME FIRST for the global OSCEdays Communication.

No fixed team so far - everyone is doing what she or he can. Do you want to take on some of the responsibility? Join us

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###[January 2016] Spread The Call for Cities for 2016

#Assets and Structure

###Communication Channels

###OSCEdays Designs

###Contact List

  • Do we have contact list of journalists or blogs for global press releases? A list is created. The list ist not open but as a collaborator you can get access to it.


For more, browse the communication category

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I will open a Google file for media contacts in the same folder with the Cities list, renamed OSCE 2016.

I’ll be happy to set-up the LinkedIn group, just let me know.

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@Silvia That is great!

Just add the link to the contact list to the READ ME

And also the Linked In Link. I need to really sign up to Linked In some day :slight_smile:

Spread the Call for Cities Task is created

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If you do not mind, I would like to keep some kind of control on the access to Google folder, so I hope it’s OK to continue to give access by e-mail. One thing we want to prevent is for the people on the lists getting spammed and I am afraid this is what will happen if I give access through a link.

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Yes, of course! Contact lists should not be public. It is not for us to decide whos email address is published where. So the procedure with you giving access after request is quite perfect I think.

Hello there! I am new to the forum and I have been trying to reach the OSCEdays design folder, however there seems to be few problems:

  1. The public folder on the website only includes .ai files for the newest version of Adobe Illustrator (CC). People like me, who are using CS5 and older versions cannot open the files properly due to compatibility issues.This is also the case for the files on this page, so is it possible to share files compatible with older versions?

  2. When you click on the folders here on this thread, owncloud asks for login. This is not the case for files on the website, so I am guessing folders are not shared publicly?

Can someone help me with these?
Yekta / Helsinki

Hi @Yekta_Bakirlioglu

Thanks. I fixed the link here - should work now.

Have you tried to edit the .svg instead? Not sure if Adobe opens it. I am no expert. Maybe @cameralibre or @OTTILIE can help.

So… Inkscape can open new .ai files no problem, but Adobe won’t provide support for older versions of Illustrator to open them? Wow, that’s… dumb.

You could use the SVG files in the owncloud folder, but they are Inkscape SVG rather than standard SVG. The main difference is that you have layers in the Inkscape file format, and standard SVG 1.0 is single-layer only.

As far as I know, Illustrator interprets Inkscape SVG as standard SVG (though they could very easily interpret it properly, the file format is well-documented).
So it may not be ideal opening the SVG with Illustrator - it may be that you don’t have separate layers, and it’s all a big mess. But let’s experiment - can you please try opening one of the SVGs and tell me what happens? Maybe certain Illustrator versions work with SVG better than others.

If that doesn’t work well, I will save each layer of the Inkscape SVG as a standard SVG, which can then be brought into any vector program. Or you could try using Inkscape, of course :wink:

Or perhaps @OTTILIE can use Illustrator CC to save the .ai file as some kind of backwards-compatible format, if one exists?

Thank you! Someone have just uploaded older CS versions of the file, which I can now open properly. I have downloaded inkspace in the meantime, but it is foreign to me… :smile: I will need some working on it to get used to the program, and maybe by the time next OSCEdays arrive, I can use it properly. Thanks for the swift help!


Hey @Lars2i do you have the Twitter password?

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@sharmarval Jepp. Will send it to you in PM.

Dear All,

We are a communication agency in Berlin called NAME and we are making a series of promotional videos for the OSCEdays. There is a total of 3 videos one with wood, one with metal and one with textile. We were thinking that this material could also be used in your countries. Just the letterings would need to be changed. If you would like to use it for your county, Please let us know and we´ll make a lettering for you.

Here is the links for the first video that was ready last week:



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Hi Denis, that is an awesome offering! Thanks.

We need to think about a better structure how local organizers can make each other video material like this available.

We planned to discuss the video in the last OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship on May 23. Did not get to it. (only Jaime wrote a comment about it so far). We will get to it next monday I guess.

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