READ ME (TEAM) - Global Communications OSCEdays15

This area is for building and supporting the communication around the OSCEDays as well as where we can link up with that from the local organisers.

We’d like creative ways to engage, activate and inform a wide-range of audiences and participants!

Our communication channels so far include:

  • Our Website & Blog
  • This Forum/ Challenge platform
  • A Facebook Group
  • Twitter @OSCEdays profile & #OSCEdays - check the forum on this here
  • Email
  • and more… particularly considering aspects of welcoming globally and being inclusive?

Key Communication points:

High level timetable can be accessed on owncloud
Key Dates are outlined here.

Pre Event/ Days

Topics / Activities

  • Engaging challengers and awareness
  • Engaging forum users/ contributors
  • Engaging participants for the days/event
  • Developing/ building links with global participants/ challenges
  • General awareness, media etc

Key Shared Tools & Templates

  • [TASK] Regular blogs - OSCEdays blog that we would like to populate with contributions from a wide range of countries, organisations, individuals and on different topics. See the call for content here.
  • PR - general global template and once that can be used/ tweaked for local application
  • Eye Catching Art work, quotes, advice from teams to use in lead up on Social Media
  • Invites - personal and via eventbrite etc
  • To create new resources, OSCEdays design files, colour schemes, logos etc can all be downloaded from the OSCEdays cloud.


Topics / Activities

  • General media, awareness to relevant audiences
  • Daily summaries
  • Logistics - Linking with other local organisers globally

Key Tools

  • [TASK] Video message speakers - filmed in advance but for use during the days - Youtube/ vimeo?
    Twitter updates and #OSCEdays
    Daily Storify
    A Web/ video link

Post Event & long-term

(also linked to documentation)

Topic / Activities

  • Early summary of the event (linked to local)
  • Longer term documentation (linked to local)
  • Keeping the forum and challenge collaboration platform alive

Key Tools
Video? Documentation discussion started here

###Update & Urgent: Call for global reporters