@OSCEdays on Twitter - #OSCEdays

Please join the conversation about the Open Source Circular Economy days on Twitter.

We want this movement to be diverse and decentralized, so please tweet from your own accounts and use the #OSCEdays hashtag to ensure your voice is heard in the discussion. You can also use the hashtag to get an overview of what’s going on in different parts of the world, and who is involved.

When you start a topic in the forum or when you see a topic of interest, please tweet about it with a link, tweet at people who might be able to contribute to the discussion, and add #OSCEdays.

We also have an @OSCEdays account, run by @TechnicalNature , @sharmarval , @cameralibre, @OPENiT_ , @unteem.

If you would like to suggest communication strategies, topics, accounts and hashtags of interest for OSCEdays on the Twitter platform, please do so here!

Please also suggest useful organisations/ partners that are local to you that can then also be connected too/ followed by the global @OSCEdays account