[TASK] Find engage Speakers for our 5min Video messages

Hi, we discussed a list potential potential speakers for our “official” 5min Video messages everyday.

The plan is to send one each day - so in total 5. Each speaker should be in best case “high profile” and be able to talk a bit about both worlds/have at least an idea of the other world (CE or OS). Best thing for a speaker is to inspire the global community for one day - asking hard and thought provoking questions, presenting problems to solve or present inspiring ideas.

Sam @cameralibre will assist the speakers with recording their message.

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If we end up having one or two more video messages we could start publishing some days earlier to build up momentum.

#The List
We came up with a list. Please add ideas - post is a wiki.


  • Alastair Parvin, Wikihouse (Open Source), Here is his TED Talk
  • David Li, Hacked Matter Think Tank China & Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab or Fu Na, Shenzhen Center for Design (Open Source, Making &! Circular Economy)
  • Kyle Wiens - IFixit


I think if Catarina and David are doing it Open Source is pretty covered. We would need more from Circular Economy.


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I contacted Catarina Mota. Will let you know.

This is what i wrote, maybe some of you might use a version of it:

Hi Catarina,

(… personal introduction since i had contact with her before …)

I have a question.

I am not sure if you have heard about the Open Source Circular Economy Days. This is a globally distributed event to ask for, discuss and prototype Open Source for Circular Economy/Sustainability. We are 19 cities right now and some more might join in. http://oscedays.org

To give the community a common ground and inspiration we want to send every day one “official” video message. This is something like a keynote on a conference but prerecorded. And we want to ask you to be one of our 5 speakers.

The video message is supposed to be 5 min long and to present inspiring and thought provoking questions, or problems or also ideas.

If you don’t have the equipment to record such a message we will do it with you via Skype.

What do you think? We would be very happy to have you.

All the best,


I also contacted David Li and Fu Na. Will keep you posted about progress.


I suggest Gunter Pauli / Blue Economy which is Circular Economy with other name / pauli@zeri.org


Actually he is going to be in Berlin I think between May 17th-19th.

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Another suggestion:
William McDonough / Cradle to cradle! / http://www.mbdc.com/about-mbdc/williammcdonough/

Hi @eliana - I think they both would be great speakers if they would focus in their messages really on our mission/question of open source for circular economy (at least a little bit). Give it a go and try to contact them. Lets see, what happens. :blush:

Someone from the New Economics Foundation could be interesting. I don’t know anyone there but will give them a go.

A good friend and past mentor of mine is Dr. Frank O’ Connor, whose values align quite well with ours. I’ll contact him. He founded the Ecodesign Centre and has worked all over the world on these issues.

@Lars2i I have contacted William McDonough. Let´s see! (I forgot to tell you). I´m going to have the opportunity to meet Mr. Gunter Pauli so I will ask him in person.

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@eliana cool! Can you think of more speakers? Maybe you can reach out to Story of Stuff Any L…

But lets make sure, as said before, that they don’t just deliver their usual advertisement messages but have a look at and make a comment about open source.


Yes I have someone in mind, but I want to inform myself better. Is it mandatory that these persons must have a TedTalk?

Yes, you are right! But anyway they are talking about the same argument with another “title”. :smiley:

hi, no, TED talk is not mandatory.

But we have a lot of males now. Think if we add one more, it should be a female! any ideas?

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Ha, I was just thinking that too! Women of OS & CE step forward

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I know someone. Camila, she is quite involved in the blue economy. She has a good knowledge on systemic design. I don’t know what Frank is planning to say but we need someone with a systemic design perspective to present what we mean by circular economy.

I can find someone to speak about biomimicry too. I guess Camila would probably do it a little bit anyway but it is a very super interesting topic ping @Xavier_C

Another interesting topic would be Transition Town

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Yes, I also thought about Camila Amaya. I will contact her in Spanish :slight_smile:

William Mc Donough did not answer :pensive:

@unteem About biommiicry how about Janine Benyus? http://www.ted.com/talks/janine_benyus_biomimicry_in_action?language=en , http://biomimicry.net/

If you are thinking about someone directly related with Systemic design I can ask to my teachers from Polytechnic of Turin. Let me know.

jeap, that is great. Look, Alexander Prinsen (Blue Economy Pioneer and a great OSCEdays ambassador :slight_smile: ) wrote to Tim and me on FB:

you might get gunter pauli interested to provide a video intro
let him know what you are doing, which cities are joining and you request him to inspire this global network to go beyond what we know
pauli@zeri.org you can mention my name
will michel bauwens also do video?
you might also try to get Janine Benyus
you can also ask daan roosegaarde?

I think, asking the two woman will be great. Will you?

Hi Lars!
I know Alexander… he introduced me to you! hihih

Ok. Now I go serious.

  1. I have contacted Camila Amaya.
  2. Dann Rosegaarde is actually a Guy!! (artist, designer, innovator)
  3. Janine Benyus. I couldn’t reach her personal e-mail, but in the website they have this field: “Request a speaker” I didn’t filled because they talk about honoraries and other details that I don’t know for sure. We are looking for people that would do it as a supporter of the OSCED right? (no money involved) http://biomimicry.net/connecting/request-a-speaker/
  4. In the same group of biomimicry 3.8, I found this girl Jamie Dwyer who combines design+biomimicry. Could be interesting! but again, no personal e-mail founded. http://biomimicry.net/inspiring/speakers/

What do you think? Should I field the formular or should I try with a general e-mail to Info(at)Biomimicry.net ?

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yes, i guess we have enough speakers by now. So the only reason to add one more would be - it is a woman.

So why not, reach out, ask them. Maybe we are lucky :blush:

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ok! Let´s see!

I have received this mail:

Dear Eliana,

Thanks so much for your interest in having Mr. McDonough join you in your event. Can you let me know a little more?

  • When is the deadline for your video?
  • Who are the other 4 speakers?
  • How many people will see this video?
  • Are there any particular themes, etc. you’d like him to hit?
  • What’s your deadline?

I don´t know all the answer.
Do we want to continue or as you said we have already enough speakers? Even though, in my opinion he is a really interesting person to have on.

Hi, i ping Sam @cameralibre - he knows the answers to the deadlines - cause it is on his schedule.

2 speakers are announced on the webpage. Is Kyle Wiens (ifixit) there? Then we have Frank O’Connor and Catarina Mota - do we, Sam?

on the Question “Arte there any particular themes” I would suggest to go with something like: “Yes, the OSCEdays are about Open Source for Circular Economy. Maybe he can explain the role of openness and open access for a shift towards a circular - cradle to cradle - economy.”

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