Sending "Video Messages" of keynote speakers

by going through the webpage i found the old “Speakers” page and put it up back on the front page - have a look

Video messages?

What is the idea? We don’t fly keynote speakers around the world. But they could send 5 minute video messages. We could ask 3 or 4 more famous people to record such a message for us and everyday we will publish one. This could be good: It sets a shared thing/understanding/knowledge/common ground/common point of reference for the community - helps to create an identity. And it could be a good way to find/post/ask for global challenges.

If we agree, that this is a good idea, we could come up with a list of people to ask for and i guess, Eliana could be good to take on the task. I would take care of this, if you like the idea.

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I think it’s a good idea.
But on the front page, rather than saying ‘we’ll post a list of speakers soon’ we should be explaining the idea of the 5-minute video messages, asking for people to get in contact with us on the forum with suggestions and ideas, and then when we have a few high-ish profile speakers, we can post them.

Pre-recorded 5-min videos are a great idea because they can be watched at a suitable time for each of the local groups, they don’t rely on everyone’s internet connections being perfect at the right time, and the speaker can be more focused and prepared - the video can be very simple and direct, or they can add further images/slides to it if they prefer.
I’m happy to help with the technical side of this, eg create guidelines for recording these talks, and if speakers upload their video and slides to the ownCloud (with enough time before the event for me to do it!) I can put them together, add titles and export in the correct format.

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cool! Could you start this - i mean the technical side of it. How can a person somewhere in the world record itself? - Many might not be very technical persons.

Maybe we can suggest to them that we have a call upfront with them where we record their talk? Or are there other good options to provide? Software for download to suggest? Or?

Could you think of something, we could send out? A first draft.

I love the idea and we - the Circular Textile Group - have also already been talking about the option of having a call for video messages (but also text messages or image messages because this is easier…).
Do you want the people to send a video message specifically addressing the OSCE Days or would you also allow them to send an already published video about open source circular economy? Is the idea to have as many messages as possible or rather a few high profile messages? Does it make sense to use a YouTube Channel to upload all videos (or an open source alternative) and embed them into our website or do we want to upload all videos on OwnCloud? High-profile people may not want to register on owncloud to upload their videos… And do we want to publish the videos in advance of the event or during/after the OSCEDays?

I think

  • Just a few high profile videos that we announce as such. Makes sure, that they get the attention. Building of shared knowledge/identity is more likely to happen.

  • But if this encourages others to send video messages themselve - for example to present their challenge - great

  • I guess, we should help high profile people to record their videos. And then spread them all over the place. Have it in own cloud and on youtube.

  • I think, it would be great to have videos that are especially made for the OSCEdays. Or remixed for them. Really to frame and push our question(s). But if they are already great videos on open source circular economy - we could share the links in the Resources Category (the forum allows to embedd videos)

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You can share a folder in ownCloud with a public link, and check the option ‘allow public editing’. This means that members of the public can upload files without having to sign in. From there we can edit and release the videos with OSCEdays titles/branding etc on YouTube as we like. It also means we have the original uncompressed files available in one place which makes for easier for others to remix.

I would prefer custom-made videos addressing our OSCE concept - most of the speakers will work either in circular economy or open source, so I guess we’ll be asking them to take a slightly different stance to their usual presentations.

For high profile speakers I can ‘hold their hand’ a little for recording. I will start some documentation today.

First Draft: Recording a Video Message to OSCEdays Participants
You can edit it when logged into ownCloud, or just add comments/suggestions here.
It’s in the Global Documentation folder - for basic editing, you can use the documents app in the browser, but for more complex edits or adding lots of text, using the desktop client with LibreOffice is better. I haven’t quite finished the documentation of this though!

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