[PUBLIC WIKI] Circular Textile Challenge(s) Berlin

Creating a circular zero-waste textile economy is one of the hottest topics for the textile industry in the coming years. Small and big textile companies are working on the development of circular systems. However, there are still many challenges to overcome from the development of fully biodegradable or permanently technically recyclable materials to organizing post-consumer recovery systems, new business models such as leasing and transparent material declaration.
During the OSCE Days 2015, we want to work on challenges around circular textiles simultaneously in the different cities worldwide and share our findings and ideas. This topic in the forum helps us to organize the Berlin Circular Textile Challenge(s). Feel free to join and share your ideas!


  • Materials: circular materials incl. recycling
  • Design and production: design and production (assembly) of products for a circular textile economy
  • Use phase: the use phase of circular textiles (incl. sharing, reuse, repair, use of upcycling services)
  • Recovery: recovery, sorting and disassembly for a circular textile economy (incl. new business models)

Crosscutting issues: transfer of information (transparency and declaration), business models, policy, systems

Programme (draft):

THURSDAY, 11th of June
10.30-11.30: press conference
19.00-21.00: organizers` get-together

FRIDAY, 12th of June
8.30-9.30: organizer`s meeting
9.30-10.00: doors open for participants
10.00-11.00: general introduction

SATURDAY, 13th of June
9.00-9.30: organizer`s meeting
9.30-10.00: doors open for participants
10.00-10.30: general meeting in the morning

  • 10.30-11.00: Skype call with Fioen van Balgooi (Refinity)
    10.30 - 13.00: Roadmap from 2015 to 2050
    13.00-14.00: lunch break (Agora cafe)
  • 14.00-14.15: Presentation by Jacky OE (mela wear) about creating a circular brand
  • 14.15-15.00: Presentation by Lucy Noris, PhD Anthropology + Researcher of Textile Recycling
    16.00-16.30: break
    16.30-18.00: From Vision to Action - concrete starting points
    18.00-19.00: open get-together

SUNDAY, 14th of June
9.00-9.30: organizer`s meeting
9.30-10.00: doors open for participants
10.00-10.30: general assembly in the morning
10.30-12.30: Circular Economy Lab challenge
12.30-14.00 Lunch Break (Agora cafe)
14.00-16.00: documentation of the Circular Textile Challenge 2015

  • 14.00-14.15: Baseline 2015 & Vision 2050
  • 14.15-15.00: Roadmap 2015-2050
  • 15.00-16.00: From Vision to Action
    16.00-17.00: Overview of the public consultation process of the EC by Christian Rudolph (nextcycle)
  • 16.00-17.00: questionnaire (textile perspective)
  • 17.00-18.00: main statements for the position paper of the OSCEDays with regard to textiles (1 page)
    18.00-19.00: open exchange

MONDAY, 15th of June
16.00-18.00 Final panel discussion of the OSCEDays

Number of participants and application procedure
The number of participants in the venue in Berlin is limited to 50 participants in the Circular Textile Challenge (150 in total). The Circular Textile Challenge is for professionals. People who cannot attend the Challenge in Berlin may join the discussion through online tools (chat, video message etc.). The participation is for free. However, participants have to apply in order to participate in the workshops. The wrap-up session and get-together in the evening is open (no application needed).

Main coordinators:

Team of organizers:
@Anna_Perrottet, @MartinaSkender, @kunji, @Frans, @JuliaP, @Natacha

Arianna (?)


  1. Baseline 2015 and Vision 2050
  2. Roadmap from 2015 to 2050
  3. From Vision to Action - concrete starting points (agreements, cooperation ideas)

We plan to publish the results as “Open Source (CC BY-SA) Circular Textile Manual”. Please find the link to the documents in our Textile and Fashion Folder.

Real-time Documentation
Circular Textile Challenge 1 - Materials
PAD: https://pad.oscedays.org/p/berlin_ct1-materials
FOLDER: http://is.gd/ct1_materials

Circular Textile Challenge 2 - Design & Production
PAD: https://pad.oscedays.org/p/berlin_ct2-design-and-production
FOLDER: http://is.gd/ct2_design

Circular Textiles Challenge 3: Retail, use and return
PAD: https://pad.oscedays.org/p/berlin_ct3-retail-use-and-return
FOLDER: http://is.gd/ct3_retail

Circular Textiles Challenge 4 - Recovery, sorting & disassembling
PAD: https://pad.oscedays.org/p/berlin_ct4-recovery
FOLDER: http://is.gd/ct4_recovery

Circular Textile Challenge - Documentation
PAD: https://pad.oscedays.org/p/berlin_ct-documentation
FOLDER: http://is.gd/ct_documentation

Public link to upload photos is:
Berlin Media folder: https://cloud.oscedays.org/index.php/s/hnTdkeqHbqu7fym
Please note: By uploading files to this folder, you agree that they will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike license (creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0). If you want to be mentioned as photographer, please add your name to the file. Otherwise add the term Public Domain. Thank you!

Orga meetings:
Circular Textile Meeting April 16 (during OSCEDays Meeting Berlin)
Circular Textile Meeting April 29
Circular Textile Meeting May 7 (part of general OSCEDays meeting)
Circular Textile Meeting June 4 (part of general OSCEDays meeting)

Participants and partner organisations:
Upcycling Fashion Store
Circle Economy - The Circular Textile Programme (tbc)



8 desks for 4 challenges a 2 desks (Agora)
50 chairs (Agora)
3+x photo cameras ( @MoaNilsson, @cameralibre, @sophia, and YOU?)
1 Alarm clock or bell (@kunji ?)
8 print-outs of the Circular Textile Programme (@Ina)
1 print-out of the Esmod input material ( @Ina )
2x4 print-outs of the facilitator guidelines incl WLAN password ( @Ina)
1 print-out of a floorplan ( @JuliaP)
5 print-out of the participants list ( @Lars2i )
1 power point presentation ( @Ina)
2x4 displays with the name of the 4 challenge, e.g. folded cardboards with green name of challenge ( @Ina )
1 Beamer (@sophia) or 1 beamer of Agora
1 mircophone ( @Lars2i ?)
1 adapter for Mac-Beamer ( Max ?)
4+x laptops ( @Ina, @UFS, @sophia, Max, Carina, Lucy, @MartinaSkender, @Natacha, @MoaNilsson and YOU)
1 good loud speakers for the Skype talks ( @cameralibre ?, @Ina; @sophia)
2 pin boards standing size 120x65cm (Max) - 4 sides for the key outcomes of the 4 challenges
3 Boards, 0,5 cm grey Cardboard (65cm x 100cm) + 1 Board ( 65 x 65 cm) (@Natacha) - (1 each for the participants on Friday, and Saturday)
1 cork board ( @Babaruna)
8 card boards for the tables to pin notes on them or big papers (Packpapier) and paper pins ( @kunji, Maike )
50 name badges from the Betahaus ( @Alice_audrey, @MartinaSkender ? or Chris)
4 pens in different colours to write on the name badges ( @kunji or @Alice_audrey)
50 coloured pens to write on paper ( @Alice_audrey, and YOU)
4 scissors ( @sophia, @kunji, @Ina, @UFS, and YOU)
200 pushpins / Reißzwecken (@kunji, @Alice_audrey, and YOU)
paper (if possible also coloured) to cut into pieces ( @kunji, @UFS, and YOU)
big Posters to write on ( Maike)
Thread ( @Natacha)


Thank you Sophia for the minutes of the meeting of 16th April that you published in the other thread. There have been great discussions and I am really looking forward to the next one on Wednesday.
For this meeting I will start to prepare a list of contentual preparation material for all participants that we can discuss then and an overview of experts and companies working towards or having an interest in circular economy, so that we can decide whom we want to approach and include as mentor/sponsor/long term collaborator. I will map this out visually into the different fields that are needed to solve the circular textile challenge: Design, Material, Circular Business, Communication/Transparency, Recycling and Interconnection.

Does someone has some input what else could be valuable to prepare or to discuss on Wednesday the 29th so that we can start to build an agenda?

All the best, Ina

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Sounds great! Thank you, Ina!

Should we collect the information in a separate document or could we already use the manual to structure the challenges, plan the agenda and prepare a list of contacts? The advantage of the GoogleDoc manual would be that we can collaboratively add infos and start simultaneously already working on the manual. But the manual is already public to everybody who has the link. What do you think?

Meeting on 29 April

Thank you Sophia for this great outline of the challenges based on our productive meeting last week!

Are the times that you set just the beginning of each of the challenges or are the challenges meant to last only 2 hours? Maybe we could start earlier on Friday and have more time for each of the challenges?

The next meeting for the textile challenge will be part of the general meeting on 7th of May, right? I could prepare an Exel sheet with the different challenges and people we want to invite for which purpose, so that we can organize and split up our contacting of the companies and institutions better.

What else are important topics to discuss for the Textile Challenges?

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Sounds great. Thank you @Ina!

The timings are not yet final. I have just added some timings to start the discussion. I agree that 2 hours per session are very short. The idea to start after lunch on Friday was to avoid time overlappings with the LCA workshop at Esmod. But we could already start earlier… or we could have only one workshop on Friday afternoon, 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday… It´s also possible to have challenges running at the same time but I would prefer to avoid overlappings in order to allow participants to get a holistic overview of circular textile challenges… What do you think?

Yes, the next meeting for the textile challenge will be part of the general meeting on Thursday (not Wednesday), 7th of May, at 7pm in the Agora.

It`s a great idea to start an excel sheet with the different challenges and people we want to invite. I have also a spreadsheet list of contacts which we could merge with your list.

I look very much forward to seeing you all on Thursday as well!

Thanks to all for joining our meeting yesterday! I will add some main decisions to our wiki. If anything is missing, just add it please.

The main outcomes of our meeting yesterday:

  • the sessions/challenges will take place simultaneously at the same time on Friday and Saturday (not one after the other), so that we have more time for each challenge
  • we will have wrap-up meetings on Friday evening and Saturday evening to exchange findings of the different challenges
  • there will be an extra session to develop the manual and/or report of the challenges on Sunday
  • we plan to assign different roles to different people (facilitators, “ambassadors”, etc.)

@Lars2i: We would like to organize an informal get-together on Friday and Saturday evening (12th and 13th of June), open also for non-workshop-participants. Would this be ok? Could it take place in the Agora Café and what is the max. number of people? Are there already any agreements made between the Agora and the OSCEDays regarding food and evening activities?

@sophia I was not part of that conversation. But i guess, we said, that Agora closes at 8 or 9 pm everyday. So all the evening events need to be some place else. But i am not 100% sure if this was the agreement. Maybe @Alice_audrey or @cameralibre know.

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-> I pinned the topic in the Berlin Category so you can find it faster when you click on the Berlin category.

I’ll have to check with @Alice_audrey, but I think we decided not to schedule anything at Agora in the evening - but rather if people want to have an evening meetup, it can be organised in a bar nearby. That means that everybody can relax and we don’t have to worry about our responsibilities for the location and closing, cleaning up etc.

jeap, nearby is a place called “Villa Neukölln”. They have a big room where sometimes private parties happen. Not sure, probably it is for renting. But i’ll try to find the time to get some information soon.

I would prefer not to change the place (takes time, people get lost on the way, another venue to speak to…). Do you think it is possible to ask Agora Cafe whether they would like to open on Friday and Saturday 6-8/9pm?

i am back for a few days. I was wondering if there is a meeting with the Textile team tomorrow?
or is it the meeting on thursday, not sure if i can make it than. i am leaving again over the weekend, but afterwards i am totally back and ready to support, if there is anything i can do!
Is there a meeting planed for next week?

Material: I have two A2 carton boards (size to be checked) for sure. I have to see if more.


HI @sophia! Here my pics from thursday, June 12! LG, Mariangeles


What were the key-learning, Paris Official are looking are trying to lauch a textile recycling industry ! Contact me !

Hi, we like the issues soooo much, as we deal with the topic here in Budapest: How to create a collective eco-brand worldwide? It would be good to have a video communication with you too. Our program will be on 13th June at 3 p.m.
Kind regards, Gabi