[MEETING, April 16] OSCEdays Berlin Meeting 1 – Vision

Hi, we will meet on Thursday April 16th, 2015, 18:30 at the Agora-Coworking Space in Neukölln.

###The goals of the meetings are:

  • Get to know each other
  • Take a look at the Agora-Venue
  • [Main] Develop a shared vision for the event: What do we mean by Circular Economy? What to we mean by Open Source? And what does it mean to create an Open-Source-Event with Open Source as an objective? We will take a look at the Open Definition and try to create a little document about our shared vision with Dos and Don’ts for the event that we then can also post in the forum.
  • Explore a bit, how we will collaborate.
  • Added: Talk about challenges. What do they mean for us and how do we want to find and organize challenges.

The meeting will last for approximately 2 hours. It is open for new people to join. If you come for the first time, it would be nice, if you let us know about it by posting a comment in this thread.

[update: ]

1 – Introduction Round
2 – Introduction of the global OSCEdays and the local Berlin event (Lars)

3 – Openness – what is Open Source and how to create an Open Source Event (Sam + Discussion)
4 – Circular Economy – what is Circular Economy (Alice, Sophia, Frans, Lars + Discussion)

5 – How to organize this event in Berlin together transparently – introduction & discussion of the Berlin READ ME (Lars)
6 – Introduction of the Circular Textile Challenge (Frans & Sophia)
7 – Introducing, inventing and building the “Challenge Curating Team”: How do we want to find Challengers and Participants for the Berlin event, develop the content? (Lars)
8 – Team Building

9 – + please suggest topics

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I think it would also be good to repeat this particular meeting at another point before the event as well, just to ensure that everybody has a clear idea of what we are trying to to. I’m sure we’ll learn a lot about people’s preconceptions and motivations from this meeting, and it will be worthwhile to document our process well for other local groups to learn from.


The agenda looks really complete and meaningful. Under your point “explore a bit how we will collaborate” I feel it would make a lot of sense to include a discussion about the “challenges”, what “challenges” mean to us and how we want to proceed to develop meaningful challenges for the Berlin event. How do you feel about that @Lars2i?

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jeap, good hind. i added it as an update to the meeting-agenda.

Just for your information: I have invited Ari and Carina from the Upcycling Fashion Store (they are planning to organize a textile related challenge/workshop) and Martina Skender (organizer of the fashion sustainability drinks in the Betahaus who will join us as organizer of fashion challenges) to our next meeting. Hope this is fine :smile:


Hi! I am Martina, graphic and textile designer mentioned in Sophia’s comment. I will be joining you for the meeting on Thursday – Looking forward! :blush:


Hi @MartinaSkender, welcome, looking forward to meeting you on Thursday!
Do you have a link or more information about your fashion sustainability events? It would be interesting to find out what you’ve learned through the experience, in terms of community-building, and to find out more about the existing sustainable fashion field here in Berlin - have you come across any initiatives involving open source or circular economy in your network? do you think people are open to the idea?

I’ve invited Caroline Paulick-Thiel (Next Learning) and she’ll bring a colleague along too.

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I created an agenda (posted as an update above in the topic). Please add what is missing with a comment here.

I will also join tonight. Greetings. , Anna (get changed!)


Hi you all,

I am very much looking forward to the meeting tonight! Me and Natacha Aedo Duran will be joining, too. (Both Designer for Sustainable Fashion & Closed Loop Systems)


Many thanks to everybody who came along, it was a very inspiring and thought-provoking group!!

A few points mentioned which I found particularly useful:
In our discussion on longevity for OSCE, we talked a lot about what is necessary in order to shift culture from competition to collaboration (at any scale).

We had a lot of discussion around diversity and making OSCEdays enjoyable for people from a range of backgrounds (specifically, balancing the different needs and expectations of corporate and hacker/activist culture, but the discussion was applicable to many different forms of diversity).

We discussed the fear that people may have when trying out completely new ways of working, and wondered whether we need some kind of a ‘safe space’ where openness is gently introduced to people for whom open source is a very new and foreign concept.

We agreed that our community forum is not a ‘silver bullet’ - it cannot solve all problems and engage all people. We need to consider different formats for engagement for different types of people as well as our core online collaboration.

OSCEdays will be the first contact with open source methodology for many people, This first contact has to be positive - it has to be collaborative, and it has to be fun. Companies have to feel that at the very least it’s not a bad investment or a waste of time.

Matthias’ mention of cognitive dissonance was important, and the idea that you can’t convince others to do things that you might see as intrinsically ‘good’ but rather should find a way to allow them a risk-free opportunity to experience the benefits of this activity, and allow them to come to their own conclusions and grow into it.

I particularly enjoyed Caroline’s input regarding impact logic:

There are many other great ideas mentioned, so please add any interesting points or ideas that were mentioned in the meeting - I’d also like to know what was discussed in the Circular Textiles group!

Unfortunately at this meeting there wasn’t time for everybody to have in-depth conversations with everyone else, but we will have more meetings over the coming weeks, so I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone better!


Thanks to all for the nice meeting yesterday!

Here a brief overview of our Circular Textiles Challenge(s) Group meeting:

  • introduction round - we are now a team of 9 people organizing the textile event!
  • short overview of the status quo of the CTC Berlin and our global connectors role (contacts so far, ideas for challenges, forum, manual, etc.)
  • inspiring presentation by @Ina about the 4-weeks ESMOD Cradle to Cradle Fashion-In-Cycle Workshop which took place in January 2015
  • discussion how we can make the challenges most meaningful (learning from other events, application and preparation of the participants for the challenges, getting experts in, contacting companies and asking them about their current challenges, after-event follow-up)
  • discussion about the different tasks and roles of the organizers (communication, research, organization, networking, sponsoring, technical questions etc.)
  • discussion about the number of participants in the challenges (50 people in Agora on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th of June (i.e. 80 will receive a “ticket”)? - connection to others through online formats)
  • discussion how we connect to and learn from other challenges and industries (e.g. waste management, 3D printing, bioplastic industry, composting)
  • scheduling of our next meeting on Wednesday, 29th of April, 7pm (location still needs to be confirmed)

I look very much forward to seeing you soon again! :smile: