[Meeting, April 29th] OSCEDays Berlin - Circular Textile Challenge(s) - 7pm

Dear Circular Textiles Team Berlin,

we will meet on Wednesday (29th of April) at 7pm in the silent green kulturquartier (former crematorium Wedding), Gerichtstraße 35, 13347 Berlin (near S/U station Wedding). Just walk through the garden, it`s the first door on the left side in the atrium (interloom / Sophia Opperskalski). My number in case you do not find us: 0160-97643704.


Best regards,

@Frans, @Ina, @MartinaSkender, @Anna_Perrottet, …

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I am sorry, I really cannot come, as I will be in Switzerland for a meeting.
But today, I was also a bit promoting the OSCE days at Strich und Faden Stammtisch, and hope it is ok if I am posting the link to this site and the meeting tomorrow at Stammtisch for interested people.

Additionally, what I would like to say for tomorrow:

GET CHANGED! can be a partner, also for media or contacting brands; although Ina and I both see our contribution to the OSCE Days rather in a personal, non GET CHANGED! frame. But I am sure that still there will be some possibilities for connections and synergies.

Carina Bischof suggested today that Upcycling Fashion Store / GET CHANGED! can also offer Upcycling Fashion Tours during the event days as a frame programme. I totally agree and would like to suggest this idea to you for discussion tomorrow.

Best regards,

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Looking forward to it!

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Thanks to @Frans, @Ina, @MartinaSkender, @cameralibre, @kunji, and HTW students for joining the meeting today and helping to get a big step forward in defining the scope of the circular textile challenges!

The 5 challenges will - very likely - be:

  1. Materials: what are circular materials and how can they be recognized? Incl. comparison of GOTS + C2C
  2. Design: how can fashion designers contribute to a circular economy? tool development (incl.visualisation)
  3. Business models: what business models exist for circular textiles and what works for which products?
  4. Recovery: how to recover post-consumer garments for circular textile systems?
  5. Recycling: what recycling methods do exist, especially for cellulosic and synthetic materials?

Cities to focus on:

  • Berlin
  • London (?)
  • Copenhagen (?)
  • Yogyakarta (?)


  • The next meetings will always be on Thursday (NOT Wednesday!) at 7pm as part of the general OSCEDays meetings in Berlin.

Next steps:

  • The next step is to start a wiki for the 5 challenges where everybody can add his/her contacts with regard to the specific challenges and who will contact whom.

What have I forgot? What should be added or changed?

I look very much forward to our “online collaboration” and our next meeting! Thanks and good night!

I have created a wiki in the internal textile and fashion group. Please add ideas whom we should contact and whom you would like to be in touch with!

Great! I just added a link to the post in your last comment - it’s a good idea to send people directly there, rather than only saying which category it’s in.
Also, when linking to an internal subcategory which isn’t accessible to others, it’s a good idea to add something like:

if you’re co-organising the Fashion & Textiles events, and you can’t view this post, send me a message and I can add you to the group.

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Hi guys! Sorry I could not come to the meeting today because of family obligations. Hope you had a great time! Looking forward!