[PUBLIC WIKI] Circular Textile Challenge(s) Berlin

Hey Gabi,
take a look at our 2016 topic (and programme) here
As soon as your Question is online, I will put a link to our page about the Budapest Challenge also :slight_smile:

Do you want to have a video chat with @Sophia about the creation of a collective eco-brand?
I would suggest you follow the Nemona Challenge here in Berlin (see programme link), they want to create a similar thing (but not worldwide)! Their username is @Nemona.

Our challange and main questions to discuss and to share with the others:
How to create a collective eco-brand worldwide?

  • Our aim is to reduce waste or achieve zero waste…how can we solve this aim with this collective eco-brand? Which would be the best product acceptance among customers in eco-fashion,what would be the real demand, which kind of collection should be prepared to meet all the conditions.

  •      How would be the best work structure to increase sustainable awareness and develop collectively - co-design, educational collaborations, contests, partnerships?

We invite fashion schools, designers, fashion organisations and professionals in this conversation and work at OSCE forum and all the ideas and concrete proposals are welcome. Yes, we would be pleased to communicate with Sophie and with the others during the OSCE Days 2016.

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By putting it online though, I meant the Challenge subpage Vica will do :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work!