[CHALLENGE] [public wiki] Circular Textile Challenge 3 - Retail, use & return

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How to retail, use and return garments for circular textile systems? Which new business models can help to achieve this?



  • Short introduction of the challenge by the facilitator

Baseline 2015 and Vision 2050

  • What happens with the garment in the product phase? How are garments currently offered and used? What are the interests, needs and habits of business and customers? What makes the current system profitable? E.g. accelerated trends, buying behavior; care treatments: energy, water, washing agents; use habits: maintenance/disposal; fast vs. slow fashion
  • Business Models Profitability, Politics? Eg.
  • What is our vision for 2050? e.g. 100% products as service?, 100% shareconomy?, 100% proper disposal? take-back obligation for garments?; 100% recovery, 100% zero waste; the role of open source

Roadmap from 2015 to 2050

  • Who needs to be involved?
  • What is needed to achieve the vision?
    E.g. Creating benefit, convenience and interest for circular models at businesses and customers, Create profitable streams for discarded textiles, information/education of customers; sharing, repairing, using upcycling services; possibilities and incentives for consumers for proper disposal; the role of open source
  • What may counteract to achieve the vision and how to remove barriers?

From Vision to Action - concrete starting points

  • What are concrete starting points to achieve the vision?
  • What can/will the participants do?



  1. Baseline 2015 and Vision 2050
  2. Roadmap from 2015 to 2050
  3. From Vision to Action - concrete starting points (agreements, cooperation ideas)
    PAD: To allow participants to document this challenge in real-time, a collaborative Etherpad document has been set up here:
    FOLDER: To store and share documents, photos and other files relating to this challenge, please upload them to this challenge’s cloud folder:

Friday (Baseline 2015 and Vision 2050):

Role and tasks of the facilitators:

  • give a short introduction and initial inputs
  • moderation of the brainstorming discussion
  • coordination of the mind-mapping (e.g. distributing pens and paper)
  • track the time and give a signal for (optional) rotation
  • document the most important results in etherpad
  • support the photographer in taking a picture and uploading it on social media (e.g. Facebook)

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