OSCEdays Framework Development 2017

Please continue to make comments and suggestions on our Strategic Framework. Our next review is May 30th (check BoST calls) and we want to make progress in deciding our organizational type and structure. We would appreciate it if all the members of our community would contribute to shaping the future of OSCEdays. Thank you.


@BoST I have been looking at this again today, lots of useful and interesting input so far. Let’s keep working on it so that we have something coherent for the 30th.


We should also be looking at the open value network model. I know @gien and @cameralibre have mentioned this in the past too. http://valuenetwork.referata.com/wiki/Main_Page

Another relevant forum thread: How to scale up OSCE approaches?

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####infrastructure projects?

Comment from BoST Call June 19, 2017


From my current OSCEdays-Slidedeck

So why not when we do (2) to (1) at the same time. When it - at least in theory - is easier that way.


Follow-up from July 4 @BoST call:

  1. Add a vision short statement in the OSCEdays Strategic Framework document on Google drive. Go to page 5 and ignore the rest, for the moment.

  2. Review the list of organization choices. The list will be used in Loomio to decide which one we’ll pursue.
    a. Current informal network
    b. Association (non-profit, member based professional organization). Example: SWE
    c. Social enterprise (commercial enterprise with social impact greater or equal to financial returns). Example https://www.benetech.org/
    d. Cooperative (commercial enterprise operated by its members for their mutual benefit)
    e. Foundation (non-profit organization funded by donations for the purpose of distributing grants to others)
    f. Other

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Hey @BoST

I added a vision for the future path and strategy to the document. It is on the last page (19). Sorry, didn’t find another place for it in the doc. We could go for from ‘Open Source Circular Economy Days’ to the ‘Open Source Circular Economy Year’ step by step, open source tutorial after open source tutorial towards 365 Tutorials To Save The World.

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Great, Lars, I moved your vision statement and narrative on page 5, the section in the doc we are currently working on. We now have a great selection of vision statements to choose from, hopefully at our next call.

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We would like our community to review the list of VALUES we have agreed upon, as part of our strategy framework development. Please make changes, add, comment on the list until November 3rd.

The final list will be put up for a vote on Loomio on Nov 3rd. After the vote, these will become OSCEdays’ stated VALUES and will be added to our MISSION and VISION on the main website and in all our organizational documents.

VALUES are our basis and embedded in our approach, interactions, focus areas. They guide how we work, who we work with and accept funding from. Founded on underlying care for community, society and environment

OSCEdays VALUES are:


Openness: Being open, honest and transparent with ourselves and others and being considerate of our communications, maintaining high integrity in all that we do to ensure that the approach and outcomes reflect the nature of our values. Captures Diversity and Respect.

Collaboration: Building a sharing culture and relationships that foster working with rather than for others will help support the transition to more sustainable and socially beneficial systems as well as enhances the experience! Enabling and empowering others, building capacity and learning along the way. Sharing experiences and results and breaking down barriers

Passion: Harnessing and building on underlying caring motivations and passion for improved social and environmental outcomes drives good and better design for all. Captures Environmentalism and Social equity/inclusion.

Innovation: captures the creativity and imagination of each member of our community.


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@BoST have been working to develop the strategy framework further to better articulate and update the what/why/how of OSCEdays. What are its values, the outcomes (and thus outputs) it pursues and how does that relate to what activities we pursue and how we scale our impact. Several areas have been drafted which would be great to get feedback on from the wider community:

MISSION and VISION: previously agreed.
Mission Statement | Outcome
Vision Statement | Outcome

VALUES: see above post by Silvia and reply for feedback e.g. suggestions for values not captured.

CE DEFINITION: an extended discussion led to the agreement that OSCEdays need its own definition of Circular Economy as the currently prevalent views do not sufficiently incorporate social perspectives. A thread to discuss separately can be found here in order to finalise OSCEdays definition.

SYSTEM DIAGRAM: a crystallisation of the CE vision / approach that OSCEdays pursues is under development. Please contribute thoughts here in the separate thread.

OUTCOMES: Three broad areas were drafted - while the exact wording may need tweaking, there seemed to be broad agreement in the three areas:

  1. OSCE is embedded in society and is a mainstream and natural approach at all levels
  2. Collaboration between people and communities providing tools, methods, and processes to achieve the UN SDGs
  3. All product and processes use resources without undermining the functioning of the biosphere, crossing planetary boundaries and producing negative externalities.

OUTPUTS: a set of outputs was voted on per outcome area:

1 OSCE is embedded in society and is a mainstream and natural approach at all levels

  • XXX applied / practical research reports/articles
  • XXX products are certified OSCE/there are OSCE ISO standards
  • XXX standards based on OSCE
  • XXX examples of change by organisations in favour of OSCE
  • There are a number of OSCE-leaders/activists
  • Policy guide on OSCE

2 Collaboration between people and communities providing tools, methods, and processes to achieve the UN SDGs

  • Significant amount of global manufacturing is through OSCE peer production
  • OSCE creates meaningful, fair-paid and decent jobs
  • XXX systematically documented freely available solutions
  • Strong and Open Tools For Circular Collaboration

3 All product and processes use resources without undermining the functioning of the biosphere, crossing planetary boundaries and producing negative externalities.

  • Support the development of Open Databases for sustainable/circular materials and how to use them properly
  • XXX products that use resources within planetary capacities
  • Proactively avoiding progress traps

The working sessions’ document for the above is found here.


Reminder to all the members of our community that we need your feedback.

@BoST are all expected/encouraged to contribute to the framework. Thank you.

There were no changes to the Values list, so there is no need for a vote on Loomio. This will be our set of values, until the next strategic review.


to make it possible to invite and introduce people to the process with Silvias Blogpost this topic was restructured a bit.

I pulled out Seigos comment from above on the Outcomes and Outputs (23) and made it a topic to allow discussions just around that.

I pulled out Silvias comment on the Values from above (22) and made it a topic to allow discussions just on the values.

And there is still the problem with Loomio that people who aren’t signed in to Loomio can’t read what was discussed and voted upon. Therefor I created a topic where with the Vision and Mission Statement that were voted on the forum.

So, I think with this we are ready to share \o/

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Vote for a date for the final strategy call here



after the final strategy session today (December 18) here is a quick write up of the strategy session supposed to be published on the website as new ABOUT Page.

@seigorobinson – Do you think you can clean up the language a bit and maybe fill in the missing info? (This comment is a wiki. You can just open it with the pen Icon and start editing it). Once it’s done we can put it on the website.

Or do you suggest a different workflow?

Update Thanks Seigo. :slight_smile: I removed the wiki functionality and published it on the website.

Ping @BoST




The Open Source Circular Economy Days (OSCEdays) is an open group of people that started in 2015 [LINK HISTORY SUBPAGE] with a global event promoting that Open Source is the key driver for a Circular Economy [LINK OLD MISSION STATEMENT]. Since then people in over 100 cities across the globe got active and discussed and developed Open Source Circular Economy through practical hands on activities.

In 2017 the OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship [LINK BoST TOPIC] ran a couple open strategy sessions [LINK STRATEGY SESSIONS DOC] to revisit what was learned and achieved in the first 3 years and set the project ready for it’s future by defining it’s values, vision and future outcomes. The results of this sessions are shared below. They explain best what we are for.

Part of future of OSCEdays will be the set up of a formal organisation. The legal form of this is being discussed and developed right now.

The global project is built by the OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship which collaborates online [LINK BoST CATEGORY] and meets every two weeks in a video call to get some work done. This group is open for newcomers. If you like to become a part of it, say hi and meet us. We are looking forward to meeting you.

##OSCEdays Values


(Source: OSCEdays Framework Development 2017)


A global ecosystem of resilient local circular economies bound by the spirit of openness, collaboration, diversity and motivation for a thriving planet and fairer society.

(Source: https://www.loomio.org/p/s8VLfO5Y/what-will-be-our-updated-vision-statement-)


We use and explore open source practices to create, socialize and distribute solutions globally to build local circular economies.

(Source: https://www.loomio.org/p/bd8zeSXq/what-will-be-our-updated-missions-statement-)

##What Is Open Source Circular Economy?

OSCEdays creates it’s own definition of Circular Economy. It is a definition that is in constant development but always circles around some key concepts of openness, sustainabilty, equality and so on. [LINK TO THE TOPIC]

Part of that definition is a diagram explaining Open Source Circular Economy (OSCE). This is also still in development. You can join the process here.

##Outcomes & Outputs – What Will The Project Do!

Based on the values, vision and mission OSCEdays is on track to achieve certain “outcomes” (the difference we want to make in the world). Each of these outcomes are connected to “outputs”. Outputs describe concrete results from projects and activities of the OSCEdays. Put together they describe what we actively work on or will work on in the future:

OSCE is embedded in society and is a mainstream and natural approach at all levels.

  • Body of knowledge through practical research and projects
  • Communities, leaders champions, ambassadors, activists
  • Examples of change by organisations in favour of Open Source Circular Economy

Collaboration between people and communities providing OSCE tools, methods, and processes to achieve the UN SDGs

  • Systematically documented freely available solutions
  • Strong and Open Tools For Circular Collaboration
  • Open Source Circular Economy creates meaningful, fair-paid and decent jobs

All human-based products and processes use resources within planetary boundaries, enrich the biosphere and benefits society.

  • Products are designed and made based on open source circular economy standards
  • Significant amount of global manufacturing is through open source circular economy peer production
  • Support the development of Open Databases for sustainable/circular materials and how to use them properly

##Join Us!

OSCEdays is a project that favours Openess. All collaboration and development of it can be followed on our forum [LINK FORUM] where we engage in open and transparent workflows (Read more here: The way we work in the OSCEdays, or: What Is Open Source? [LINK TO THE BLOGPOST].

We invite you to work with us there. Create content, contribute to discussions and make things happen. As an OSCEdays community member, ambassedor or part of the Board Of Stewardship.

/ Find More About The Project Here Under / HISTORY


I have been thinking about the values and propose that we add “fairness”. I think we have captured all values apart from some ethical aspect of the work we do. Sorry to suggest this a bit later. @seigorobinson @Silvia @Gien @Lars2i


I tend to agree; we had this previously:

Openness: Captures Diversity, Transparency and Respect?

I think it was trying to be too all-encompassing. Explicitly talking to Fairness / Equality / Respect makes sense to me, probably in that order personally in terms of preference.

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Fairness is a good one.

What about “do no harm”?..like Google, except put it more in a contemporary narrative - avoiding progress traps and rebound effects. I spend a lot of time researching progress traps (unintended consequences). Although it’s really, really relevant, there doesn’t seem to be any organization that is actually implementing progress trap analysis in its design process. I don’t even think any design department even teaches about progress traps…even though the anthropocene is essentially one big progress trap… I think that especially for circular design, one has to very conscious of progress traps. Even if we designed something perfectly circular, it could still have unintended consequences, and that would essentially bring about harm.

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Good call. :slight_smile:

In the BoST Call on December 18 we decided to not reopen the discussions and go with what was agreed upon so far. Let’s revisit it in a year.