[BoST Call December 18, 7 pm GMT] - 2017 - General Call #30

Open Conference Call of the OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship

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1 Introduction Round

How is everybody?
Are there new people? Let’s have a quick introduction round.
Reminder of roles and tasks: To Do List

2 Actions

We’ll discuss only the organization choices and decide which one we’ll pursue starting in January 2018.

  • Qing is presenting 2 options for legal forms for OSCEdays. (1) A charitable association or (2) a u.UG which is basically a Ltd. /

  • Seigo has another option, his existing UK-based company

3 BoST Calls 2018

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Hi folks - sorry, rather short notice but I have to go and get some plumbing supplies before the shops close at 2000 - if I’m quick I could be back by 1915 GMT but I imagine it may take until 2000. So please don’t wait for me to start, and I’ll try to join towards the end of the call.

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This is a scheme I discussed with Qing for our association.

there was an image share about a structure which is not correct anymore. So I deleted it here.

But you can still have a look.

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@Qing Image explaining her ideas on how to fund the association.

This is about “how to spend the money” or "how to fund projects"

###Process A

  • Someone proposes a project (like a book about OSCE)
  • The person gathers a team and tries to get funding from grants and donations. If the person can’t find enough money OSCEdays association helps.
  • If the project makes money. The income is shared between the project team and the OSCEdays association. It is about “support” for the team. Not really about “investment”. Different logic. It is just about making sure that the fix-costs of OSCEdays are covered.

-> This is project by project different. The key is that every project team should first try to get the money themselves.

###Process B

  • This is about “products” or “services” given by the OSCEdays association to partners. When OSCEdays is a contractor.

###Process C

  • We support local event partners. But we don’t get money from them.
  • The idea here is that we should try to get local ambassadors - Local people that are official OSCEdays ambassadors. And those will try to get more members to the association. And members pay a members fee. The members fee can become a good income source.
  • If we are really good one day the ambassadors can be paid.

Members elect a BoST (like advisory board)
BoST puts offical representatives in place

note: this are drafts. Qing already wrote a more detailed statutes that will be uploaded soon with the important bits about power and decision structures translated.

###Costs of setting this up?

  • less than 200 Euros (because we don’t pay anybody at the moment.)
  • Maybe the bank account will cost 20 EUR a month. But as a non-profit we can get it even cheaper

This is about where the money comes from and where to spend it.

The key idea is! That we have a global meeting in the future.

###Members Fee?

  • How much? Qing: 20 EUR. Silvia: Let’s give a range 5-20.
  • Lars: We can have 20 EUR, a reduction for ppl. that want to pay less. And we can have also a supporting membership for companies - where you pay more.
  • Silvia commented: Fine, but let’s not ask ppl. to prove “they are poor”

Participants: Qing, Gien, Lars, Silvia, Nikusha
Moderator: Lars
Scribe: Silvia


2 Actions

  • The To Do List needs to be completed. Please make sure that every role has one back-up.- All

  • Association was the topic discussed in detail, see notes above. All the updates on it will be found under its own topic OSCEdays Legal Entity

    We agreed to apply for a german association non-profit status, start simple and make changes later, if warranted
    Qing and Lars will be the only members for the first Executive Board (controls bank account, represents the assoc)
    BoST will be elected by members and it will have a supervisory role
    Translations of main parts of the application are needed - not agreed who will do that

3 BoST Calls 2018

The next 6 months are scheduled. There will be alternative Do (immediate and short-term actions) and Plan (medium and long-term, strategy thinking) calls

4 Strategic Framework

Adopted mission, vision, outcomes, outputs as revised at the last strategy review
Add to the main website - Lars
Open topic for future changes - Seigo

Happy New Year 2018 to all of us and all the people we don’t know, might never know, but for whom we fight to ensure a good, happy, dignified, just, equitable, sustainable life!