OSCEdays OUTCOMES & OUTPUTS – Strategic Framework Dev 2017

CONTEXT: Topic is part of the Strategic Framework Development 2017.

Content below was comment 23 in the main topic and was pulled out to this external topic to enable an open discussion about it. We are happy about any Input.

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I thought this passage from Europe in transition Local communities leading the way to a low-carbon society was of relevance as we think about next steps:

“There is, for example, very little analysis of
what constitutes good practice and what
and how this can be transferred and replicated
in other areas, and while some good
links have been developed with researchers
and universities, the dissemination of
research results and effective communication
with the wider community of practioners,
potential practioners and policy makers
remains a challenge. Existing networking
activities at international level also tend to
be passive in nature, focusing primarily on
making information and knowledge available
via web portals.
There is, however, a recognised need among
stakeholders for a more proactive approach,
with more attention given to identification
and analysis of good practice, the establishment
and animation of thematic groupings,
the production and dissemination of userfriendly
guides, methodologies and information
material, and the facilitation of contact,
collaboration and cooperation between
groups and between networks. To facilitate
true international networking, there is also a
need for a networking service that is multilingual
and multi-cultural, with the capacity
to facilitate European-wide participation.
Time to go main stream
All of this would also contribute to addressing
another identified need, that of
fostering a “community of communities”,
a one-stop shop for community action on
climate change in Europe, a single voice at
the policy making table in Brussels and a
focal point or flag bearer for communities
across Europe that are committing their
time, energy and ideas to combating climate
change and, to the creation of a new,
low-carbon society”

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On reflection and discussion with Lars, I think there’s no need to have the third Outcome. This is because it’s effectively a re-articulation of the vision and doesn’t actually lead naturally to useful tangible outputs, at least beyond the first two outcomes.
The clarity of the message also becomes stronger - the first outcome is spreading the message, embedding and empowering people with knowledge; alternatively, leading with your HEAD. The second outcome is about enabling action through solutions and collaborations; alternatively, leading with your HANDS.
This should also help with the clarity of the forum. Instead of the jumping in point being the forum which can be very confusing for people, effectively it’s just two entry points. One is around the HEAD, how to get to know the OSCE concept, definition of CE, standards, etc. The other is around HANDs, providing/participating in solutions, guided courses, etc.


Hi @BoST - sounds like it’s worth having one more session on strategy and iron out outcomes, outputs, activities, etc. Also, @Lars2i had a great pitch for the format for next year’s OSCEdays event which would be worth incorporating into the chat.

  • Fri 24th Nov, 4-6pm GMT
  • Mon 27th Nov, 7-9pm GMT
  • Wed 29th Nov 3-5pm GMT
  • Wed 29th Nov 7-9pm GMT
  • Thu 30th Nov 3-5pm GMT
  • Thu 30th Nov 7-9pm GMT

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All 3 outcomes make sense to me. We can choose other outputs for the 3rd outcome, but let’s keep it. Looking forward to our next and final session for 2017. I do not want this dragged into 2018, as we should be moving faster into doing: applying our strategic plan.

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I like the idea, but also agree with Silvia. We should have one more meeting (Dec 4?) before the year is over because Cape Town Science Centre wants to colloaborate with us for Hack the Cape Town Water Crisis and since Jan 2018 is possible zero water day for Cape Town, they felt we should have the Hackathon before Jan 2018. So Julie Cleverdon, director of CTSC said she will convene her board early Dec to discuss.

Julie could recruit other science centres around the globe for the next hackathon. We are planning a series of them because you cannot design real solutions in one weekend. It needs to be done over an extended period of time. So maybe the first one takes place in Dec 2018 in Cape Town to generate ideas and then the next, Jan 2018 at U of Loughborough (and other places) to work on developing and analyzing those ideas further.

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I’ve had difficulty joining the last few calls due to my day job! Looking forwarding to catching up with everyone.

I think we should use a different term to negative externalities here. We already have so much jargon and maybe there are some implicit issues with referring to emissions and pollution as negative externalities. Maybe we can say something simpler like pollution/damage to nature.

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Hi @BoST - we should wrap up the voting for the next (last) strategy session. Unless there is a late flurry of voters, it looks like tonight or Wed is best.

Since tonight may be a little too close, let’s go for Wed 29th 3-5pm GMT.

Sounds good! - let’s keep the strategy session focused on finalising the strategy piece but this would be worth discussing at next Bost call.

On my calendar for Wednesday, talk to you then.


I have to take a raincheck. I’m actually giving my presentation at around that time at the Wellbeing Economy Festival. Meeting so many great people here! Making lots of great connections.

Have a great session!



Hi everyone. Last night I had some sad news from Ireland. I need to go back there and so I will miss the call. Please keep good notes so that I can catch up.

Sorry to hear that, we are thinking of you.

Sorry to hear Sharon, best wishes

Hi @BoST: only Silvia and I made it for the strategy session so we thought best to postpone. I said I’d pick one of the other dates that had good availability based on my previous poll. Unfortunately, I realised the poll only extended to the next day i.e. very short notice plus also not high availability. So here are some more dates, hopefully we can get a date nailed down asap before the holiday season swallows us up. See below for potential slots:

  • Tues 5th Dec: 7-9pm GMT
  • Thurs 7th Dec: 7-9pm GMT
  • Fri 8th Dec: 3-5pm GMT
  • Mon 11th Dec: 3-5pm GMT
  • Tues 12th Dec: 3-5pm GMT
  • Tues 12th Dec: 7-9pm GMT

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The Call happened. In the call where @Qing @sharmarval @Silvia @seigorobinson @Lars2i | A write up started right after it is here

Okay @BoST, we’re going to go for THIS FRIDAY: 8th Dec 3-5pm GMT!


In the strategy call from early december we discussed 3 instead of 2 squares - adding a new one “share” - and agreed that it is cool.


Sorry I missed today’s meeting. I had a number of guests suddenly arrive and had to go out.

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