Food Challenges OSCEdays 2016

Danke Maike!

in the end there will be an aquaponics challenge and insect/rainworm challenge and a mushroom challenge for sure with two super interesting challenge organisers. I will upload more information two each of them soon! Please join if you are in Berlin or if you have ideas who would be interested to participate in those challenges! :slightly_smiling: SO EXCITED!

@belindali I would like to introduce you to the that is currently developed by the people who also started . I’m active in foodsharing where we pick up leftover food from the cooperating shops and share it privately with out neighbours, at times also publicly on the street and also with homeless and poor people or charities that do not get enough supoort otherwise (e.g. the refugees in Berlin that had to wait days or even weeks in tents in autumn and winter to get through to the clerks to register as asylum seekers, it was total chaos). We also have public fridges where people can leave and pick up food privately, though the health authorities are not altogether happy about them and have closed some. In addition the platform allows private people to post ‘food baskets’ with food (and cosmetics) that they no longer need for others to pick up at their home. Yunity is now going to extend this to non-edible goods.

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@federico I would like to get you in touch mit Luca Asperius who co-started . He is now doing a similar website for Berlin, that’s how I met him.

I’m trying to get the team of on board.

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Ideen beim Gespräch

  • obst, sandwich, finger food
  • suppe?? Kaffee?? Pfandbecher oder Spülstrasse, damit das Geschirr wieder kommt

haben wir fließend wasser?

@transitionmaike lass uns dieses Gespräch in einem neuen “Catering” Post besprechen, da die Food CHallenges ja ein anderes Thema sind. Es wird eine Kaffeebar geben. Fließend Wasser ist auch vorhanden nur voraussichtlich eher nicht als Trinkwasser nutzbar. grüße!

We will most likely have another food challenge: SKINFOOD -Workshop with Anja Fiedler from the project “Stadt macht satt” ( and @transitionmaike

We will use kitchen scraps and cooking ingredients to make hygiene products such as face cremes, shampoo and tooth brushing powder

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I created separate posts for each challenges! Any input is welcome and I am happy to talk to participants!!!


Skinfood workshop ( confirmed, will take place sunday.
created a challenge for it with a description:

Hi everbody,
I’m organizing OSCED in Vietnam, tackling with Food Security - #Organicfood4all.
In Vietnam, organic farming is becoming more popular but very few consumers can understand and share the organic farming difficultires with the local farmers in a sharing, open community ; the poor can not afford to buy organic food.
I’m in a business trip for Organic Farms Tour in Hanoi, Vietnam in order to keep in touch and storytelling the stories of true food that hopefully, can inspire the community walk into Open source and sharing community for Food Security issues.
Do you wanna join in Organic community ang bring organic production for all? Do you have ideas for it? I’m happy to listen and take action with you!
Any conntact can be big help!
Thanks alot and look forward to hearing for you soon!

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Hi Minh,
I’m connected with various options for food distribution in Berlin (CSA, food-coop, community garden, customer cooperative shop, cooking cooperative, foodsaving network, local farmer’s market, market garden, gardener supported city gardening, urban beekeeping, urban aquaponics, pre-consumer foodwaste recycling restaurant, no packaging shop, allotment association…) and I would be happy to discuss the benefits and problem of each one, for the customers and the growers.

sollen wir einladen, auf den OSCEdays Brotdosen und Trinkflaschen zu verkaufen, damit Leute das Essen aufbewaren können? Alternativ auch: ,
Wäre auch interessant, die bei der Organisation: Zero Waste Event (Berlin & World) und OSCEdays Zero Waste Event Tutorial & Global Invitation dabei zu haben.

Original unverpackt klingt gut. Mit Soulbottles wär ich vorsichtig. Die wollen von OS nix wissen, soweit ich weiß. Drum passen die wohl nicht zu unserem Event.

ja auf jeden Fall, Original unverpackt wäre super.
Hast Du schon einen Kontakt mit Ihnen ? sonst versuche ich den direkt zu kontaktieren .

In Vancouver, one challenge we have is using insects as a nutritious protein source. Here’s the challenge brief

Ich hab Milena nur einmal getroffen, aber das ist lange her und glaube nicht, dass sie sich erinnert. Tolle Frau, ich mochte sie sehr.

Hi @belindali , that sound like a really challenging Challenge, even for someone like me who tries to get people to change their outlook on excreta as a source of essential plant nutrients in the circular sanitation challenge. Which kind of waste do there insect eat? Which insects are you using? And how do you process them so people feel comfortable eating them?

@simonlee könntest du den Kontakt herstellen?

Great questions and I’ll pose them to the challenge hosts. Will learn more on June 11!

This was a challenging challenge! However a lot of the groundwork has already been completed. The insects would only be introduced to select waste, most of which could be from grocery stores such as bruised fruit/veggies, or ones that are about to go bad.

The insects being used are the larvae of black soldier fly prior to changing into a fly, they are heated and pressurized in order to turn the larvae into the powder.

The end product already developed is the powder, and additional experimentation is happening to develop oil similar to that of coconut oil.

Will be adding more details to the challenge today, take a look back from more details!!

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