[BoST Call, May 30, 2016] – General Call of provisional BoST No 15

Meeting of the provisional and open OSCEdays Board of Stewardship (@BoST) - See full list of BoST meetings here.

We will meet at 7pm GMT on Hangouts on May 30, 2016

The HANGOUTS LINK will be posted 30 minutes before the call below in the comments.

Do you want to join? Let us know - ping @Lars2i and @sharmarval

What should we discuss? Please add things here (post is a wiki) or as a comment below.

MODERATOR of this call: @Jaime

DOCUMENTATION is in the grey boxes

People in the call:

##1 Hi

1.1 Who is going to document?


1.2. How are you? / Do we have new people in the call? Please introduce yourself and tell us how you are today.

DOCU: Everyone is fine, mostly. :slight_smile:

##2. Hangouts now
We are on hangouts now because Microsoft stopped to support Skype for Linux users - and we have quite a view in the BoST, naturally :slight_smile:

DOCU: check

##3. OPEN HOUSE Updates
Updates about Open House by @Silvia


  • Three speakers confirmed, probably 4. 2 videos already ready.
  • How will we communicate it? Again like last year little blogposts to share via social media. Silvia will share the video links and small texts in the Open House Thread. Lars will add to it and add it to the blog.
  • When will be publish it? Before the event. Step by Step. To build up momentum.

##4. Last Weeks Agenda - open points

We need to pick up some stuff from the Agenda of last Week - Here is what is still open to discuss:

###[3] (Documentation 1) Global Video Reporting/Hangouts is set up
@Lars2i: The global reporting is set up. There is complete guide for local hosts, community mails to send out and so on. Introduction to it by Lars. Feedback?

.+ Please sign up to host at least two calls.

.+ Where to spread the call? To get more global hosts? (we got 22 spots to fill)

DOCU: check

###[5] (Documentation 3) Twitter Robot
@Lars2i Here is a little idea about how to document what is going on at twitter during the event. What do you think?

DOCU: Check. Let’s do it. By hand if we can’t find someone to create a little bot.

###[6] Mentorship Program needs a push
@Lars2i The mentorship program is set up but no new mentors have signed up. How can we push it. Any updates from your 100 scientists @JayKay or from the EMF?


  • It was communicated to the EMF 100. But they are busy business people. Of course
  • Let’s announce it in the global reporting calls also.
  • But let’s have it that small this time. Probably it would need to be communicated better in future editions if we wanted to have more traffic there: Faces on a website for example with short bios. And each session better announced.
  • But Erica said, that as a local organizers or challenger you are probably much more into connecting with someone else with a similar challenge then to an unknown mentor.

###[7] Global Challenge on OSCE association?
Updated: I think we should not run a challenge on the OSCE association – as long as it is not clear what will be our path in the coming months/year. Or should we still ask general questions? It was already included in the global host guide.

DOCU: Let’s still have this. But rephrase the global challenge a bit. Not say: “There is now…” But rather “If there would be an association, what would you expect from it.” Lars will rephrase it and publish asap. And we can add it then also to the newsletter!

###[9] This Video - Contradicting Messages & Global Communication

Have a look. The Berlin Community did this video.

I think we need to discuss it because it raises a lot of questions.

I think it comes with a bunch of problems:

(1) The Message - “I used to be a table”,right, and now you are a useless piece of wood to send a digital (and also printed out) message. You got transformed from a multi use tool into a single use … If not this, the video sends at least an “Upcycling message”. So it contradicts the message of OSCEdays. / It looks like video made by people that thought for the first time about CE for this video…
(2) It is not shared under a CC-License - Contradicts the message
(3) It (and the flyer that comes with it) does not use the OSCEdays Fonts and Colors. (gold-color for the font)

All of this is totally not a problem - it doesn’t need to be. We are decentralized and should be strong enough to take this. But it could be seen as a problem - because the video is not branded “OSCEdays Berlin” but general “OSCEdays”!

I wonder two things (maybe you can think of more)

  1. Should we ask them to change the bit at the end and make clear that this video is about OSCEdays Berlin (I think yes)
  2. Can we think of something that prevents stuff like this from happening (probably not)

Update Jaime and Julia already commented on that issue in the minutes of the last meeting.

DOCU: Ok, Julia will ask them politely to brand it OSCEdays.org/Berlin

In the future we could think about implementing a short tutorial on good promotion stories about Open Source and Circular Economy and comparing them to not so good ones. Offer better help to think in the right direction.

###[12] Robin Hood Cooperative
I (@cameralibre) proposed OSCE e.V. as a partnership project to Robin Hood, an activist hedge fund which uses an algorithm called ‘The Parasite’ to mimic the best actors in financial markets and earn money for the commons.
This year the whole hedge fund industry took a huge hit (probably good for the world, but bad for Robin Hood) so there are no profits to invest, BUT they want to design crowdfunding mechanisms and smart contracts for projects like ours to access financing. I talked to one of the organisers, there is good potential for some kind of collaboration. We will need to come up with some ideas, but this probably isn’t a priority before the event itself. More info in the call, and coming soon to an OSCEdays forum near you!

DOCU: Topic postponed as Sam was not in the call and we need a better pitch to understand it.

##5. Partnership Offer by “Crowdsourcing Week Europe”
@Lars2i We got an invitation to partner up with Crowdsourcing Week Europe. Should OSCEdays take it? Or reject it? (Just a hind on my opinion: ‘Crowdsource Is Not Open Source.’

DOCU: We discussed it a while. “Crowdsourcing sends the wrong message about OSCE” vs. “There could be a reach to interesting future partners through that event.” But we don’t know anything about the event and the people who run it and what it is like there. So the strategy for now is not to engage in a partnership.

. . .

Ideas created in the call:

##6. Conference list

DOCU: Let’s start a topic in the forum of upcoming events on openness and or sustainability to apply to speak at or partner up with. A list like that is a very valuable resource anyway.

@Silvia will start the topic.

##7. Partner up with Sharing Week

DOCU: See comment 42 here. The sharing weeks seems nice. But a partnership in depth is too much work for us at the moment. We will reply to them, thanking them and saying that we will share their event in our social media streams. But that we are to busy at the moment with other stuff. But we would like to connect next year earlier and create a partnership.

##8. Physical Meeting

DOCU: Will we have a physical meeting in the BoST after the event. Yes. We should try to have one. Although it will be quite challenging to fit the schedule of 11 busy people. But let’s try. Lars will set up a topic to arrange the meeting. September or October might be good to suggest. We will ask the RFF if they help to fund the tickets for the physical meeting.


##Next Call

Next BoST Call is JUNE 6, 10am GMT

Who is going to be the moderator of the next call and the deputy?

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I will be travelling but should be able to join.

Is the call on hangouts?

yes, it is. I will post the link 20 minutes before here.

I’m in the UK. It’s 7pm GMT now. So I guess there’s a mistake and the call is at 8pm which means I won’t be able to join.

Argh. Time zones are so depressing. We had this before. In the UK you are only in winter time on GMT time. In the summer you switch to BST - British Summer Time. GMT stays the same. :confused:

Check here – GMT now: http://time.is/de/GMT

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###Hangouts Link



###Documentation posted above in the Agenda in grey boxes.
Feel free to add what I forgot. Or ask questions.


Hi guys, I’m really sorry to have missed this - I’ve been distracted with both work and family visiting and hadn’t been paying attention - I didn’t realise we had a call this week! dammit.
I also have an important meeting with clients at exactly 10am GMT next week, but I will try to move it so I can take part in the call. I wish I could be more involved right now but it’s really tricky :frowning:

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