OPEN HOUSE - Greetings from Experts to the OSCEdays Community 2016


@Silvia @sharmarval @JuliaP are planning again to collect video messages from experts we can send to the community.

There has been no topic yet. So I created it because @transitionmica from Berlin has already found someone to send a message and is willing to coordinate with that person. So I figured you need a place to organize it and get her in.

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E-mail to speakers:

As one of the organizing team members for the global event called Open Source Circular Economy Days , I would like to invite you to send a message to our global community.

We value your expertise and work and would be delighted if you could share your experience in open source, circular economy or both and welcome the participants from over 60 cities to the 2016 events.

We would appreciate it if you could record a 5 minute video and post it on your website or YouTube channel, allowing us to share it on OSCEDays website. If you prefer, one of the organizing team members can set-up a Google Hangout session and record a short interview with you. The video should be available starting June 1st, 2016, as we want to offer a virtual open house to OSCEDays 2016.

Thank you,
Name, e-mail


I am receiving the first positive responses for this. The first speaker is Portuguese. I forgot to ask you all if the messages should be in English or the native language of the speaker. What do you think?

For now, I am going with English.

@sharmarval @JuliaP @transitionmica


English, so that all the world can understand :slightly_smiling:
(Native language would need subtitles)

Yes, I would say English too. If possible. Or you find someone to do subtitles.

Interesting question: English is lingua franca now, so I agree: English for now. How about I contact people from the Esperanto-Movement and invite them to discuss with us an alternative shared open source language? So far that’s how this artificial language is developed as far as I know, in an open process of discussion by its users.

Or how about we ask people to become multi-lingual? I love English, it’s my second language, but it is too dominant. If it were up to me, I would allow for messages in the native language, even without subtitles. Anybody can find somebody who could translate a short video. Anyway, no speaker has asked for another language, so far.

A message from the Esperanto movement would be great fun to have. Who can get one in?

As of now, I have 3 speakers confirmed (all updates on Google drive OSCE 2016). One of them is a zero-waste lifestyle blogger, she will record the video for us with our script. Who wants to help me write the script?

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Hi Silvia,

sounds great. Where is the link to the drive folder shared?

Hi Lars,

I will record a Google hangout tomorrow with the founder of Yardfarms. My plan is to use my own YouTube channel, as the easiest way to do it. I will then share the link for our website.

However, if you want me to use our OSCE channel, I’ll need the login info.

The other 3 who have confirmed their participation will record their own videos and make it available to us.

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Hi, Cool! I am looking forward to see it.

No, using your own YouTube account is the way to go. We learned that together last year Silvia :slight_smile:

And I also made it like that for this years global reporting.

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HI all,

Here is our first video from Joshua Pearce, please post on our website:

The second one should be available soon.

The third one on Google Hangout did not happen, the guy did not show up and I cannot reach him. I hope he is OK.

The fourth is in the making.

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Cool. Do you have an idea where I should put it on the website?

Hey @Silvia sorry I have been so quiet. How many more videos are you hoping we need? :slight_smile:

I expect three more, so that should be enough.

Hi Lars,

Please add to the blog the following:

We are delighted to share with all the participants in OSCEdays 2016 a few messages from experts and practitioners in open source and the circular economy, outlining their work, emphasizing the need for collaboration and welcoming you all to an even greater year for the OSCE community.

Allison Mills, science and technology writer and Joshua Pearce, Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, both from MichiganTech in Houghton, Michigan, USA, discuss open source hardware and the future of science.

Ines Costa, environmental engineer and senior consultant at 3DRIVERS, an environmental consultancy firm in Portugal, talks about her work in industrial symbiosis and wishes us all great success and plenty of synergy.

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I found it difficult to hear what Joshua was saying in his video - Allison and Ines were both fine but I just couldn’t follow him well.

I downloaded the video, bumped up his audio and put it in the owncloud. It’s not beautiful quality but it’s more understandable, so if others also experience the same problem as I did, we can upload this louder version to YouTube as well.

I also had this problem. I really wanted to hear what he has to say, so this is very helpful.

Great, thank you Sam. I knew about the audio problem, thank you for solving it. Could you or @sharmarval do the blog post? I think Lars is in Dusseldorf and I would like to see the two videos posted, since Joshua and Ines were so generous to make them as we asked them to.

Thank you

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Hey Silvia, I can start this tomorrow if that’s okay.

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Hi, di dyou contact Stefan Schridde about the details of his video? He agreed to do one but I don’t know anything about your procedures. Please contact him directly.