OPEN HOUSE - Greetings from Experts to the OSCEdays Community 2016


finally got round to contacting the North-East-German Esperantists I know and asked them to send it to the relevant person. Let’s see what happens …


Hi Sam, I just downloaded it on my laptop and for me it has no audio at all. Any tips?


hmm, strange.
Can you please try with VLC?


Thank you, Sam, I will, but if you can upload it on OSCE YouTube and make it work, than my problem does not matter. I just want the two videos to be made available through our blog and on our channel.


I just tried with the password I had for our google account but it told me that we changed our password 12 months ago.
Can somebody with the correct login details either send me a private message with them, or upload the video directly?


I thought you will contact him, but given your message, I took action and sent him an e-mail. Thank you.


Hi @Silvia @cameralibre I can’t log in to the main website anymore and so can’t make the post. I haven’t done so in a while and can’t recall my password, when I try to reset, it I get this error:


haha ok I’ll DM you in a second, I’ll swap you a new password for the wordpress in exchange for the youtube password :slight_smile:


Hmmm, I know nothing about the You Tube password. :slight_smile:


Em, so, there are restrictions on what I can access in the wordpress…so I still can post the blog…because I’m not authorised to access the blog.


ah, crap, sorry, I hadn’t noticed that - you were just an ‘editor’. I’ve now made you some kind of a god, so I think you should have ultimate power now. use it wisely, only smite the cruel and evil, etc.


Hi @Silvia Thanks to @cameralibre I can now make the blog post. Perhaps, we can post one each day rather than all together in one post?

Also, I’m currently linking to the version that you posted on YouTube, rather than the version with improved audio Sam made, because I don’t know if we have a YouTube channel and if we do, where to find the information to log in to it.


@Lars2i @TechnicalNature do either of you have the google/youtube login details?


Think I got it. DM it to you.


Think I volunteered to put it in the blog but would actually appreciate it very much if someone else takes this job.


Next expert video for our blog:

Erik Assadourian, Senior Fellow at the Worldwatch Institute in Washington DC, USA and creator of the Yardfarmers TV show, talks about his experience in sustainable agriculture and the promotion of an alternative economic and social framework, in sync with the OSCEdays goals.

Connecting modules for a circular food-sanitation-agriculture-system

Hi Sharon, thank you for posting the first message. The next to post in Ines. Can you do that today? Thank you, Silvia


Done! Thanks for the reminder :smiley:


Erik’s message now posted. Very interesting :slight_smile: