Global Retweeting Bot – To Document 2016?

Hey, I was wondering this: Looking at Twitter during last years event was amazing. All kinds of tweets from everywhere with interesting images, links, comments and so on.

Sadly we did not find a way to archive them – and make this experience documented.

I thought this year we can try something different. How about setting up a twitter account: @OSCEdaysJUNE2016

And that account retweets all tweets with the hashtag #OSCEdays during the days.

Maybe we can get someone write a bot for it. This might be a quick task. But if we can’t find someone to write that bot we can do the retweeting hand – we could put someone in charge to do the job.

What do you think?

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I really like the idea to archive the Tweets, it would be really helpful for use later in the year too.

I would choose a shorter twitter handle, for practical purposes long Twitter handles and hash tags should generally be avoided. Perhaps @OSCED16 / @OSCEd16 would be sufficient?

I could ask Páidí about the bot.

It’s done \o/

Thank you @huelfe ! You rock :mount_fuji:

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I’m not sure if it’s working?