A Global Challenge on the OSCE association and how to foster a global community?

Hi @BoST +community. I wonder If we should announce a 3rd global challenge. Let’s ask the people in OSCEdays 2016 about their ideas for the association – and make them aware of it that way too :wink:

I suggest to announce it as a global challenge – people can comment in a thread. And we should also ask the question in every global reporting call.

Let’s discuss it in the @BoST Meeting on Monday. But it would be great if you also comment here in case you can’t join the @BoST Meeting.

Hi Created already a draft for the challenge:

#How to build and foster a global OSCEdays community?

The first OSCEdays event happened in June 2015 and starting from there a group of people decided to found an organisation [LINK – to Meeting] to house it and be able to do far more then just an annual global event. The goal is to build and support a global community with resources, infrastructure and content to build an Open Source driven Circular Economy.

And this global challenge is about the question: How to do that? What kind of organisation and actions do we want to have?

We want to invite you to brainstorm ideas together and make plans. Here are a few questions to think about:


  • What projects do you want the organisation to do/what infrastructures to provide to support you in your city, region, country, community, project?
  • Or What kind of structure would you expect from this organisation? / Or / In what ways would you like to interact or engage with an organisation like that?

##Join/Do The Challenge

Here are 3 suggested ways to explore these questions:

####1 Make it a Challenge at your event
Get a group of people together at your local event, look at the questions, brainstorm ideas and answers for them, document them and post them below in the comments of this challenge.
####2 Join a Video hangouts
We will ask these two questions constantly in the global Video exchange of this year [LINK]. Join it, meet people and share your thoughts.

####3 Post a Comment below
Just post your ideas regarding the questions below in the comments



##A bit of background

What happened so far and will happen regarding the association? Here are a view pointers/steps on a timeline.

We already had a little test-run for the founding [LINK]. We will repeat it in late June/early July. The organisation will be legally incorporated in Berlin Germany. The founding meeting will be a presence meeting because german law recommends this. So in this meetings only people present in Berlin can become members. But the presence meeting will only be to found it. All meetings after that will happen online to enable everyone everywhere to join.

###A growing members base
Soon after the founding meeting there will be a procedure to follow to become a member of the association just by sending in an email/or letter. We will announce this on the website, our social media channels (fb, twitter) and our newsletter – sign up to the newsletter here [LINK]. As a member you’ll support the association and receive voting rights in all discussions and voting’s about the future of the OSCEdays, projects and actions to take on and regarding the board of stewardship (see below).

###The first members gathering (online)
Soon after the founding meeting we will call in an official OSCEdays association members gathering. This members gathering will happen online to enable the global community to take part in it. It will consist of an 8 week long online discussion and voting phase, where everyone can propose ideas and projects and vote on it. We will also elect a Board Of Stewardship (see below).

###The Board of Stewardship
The OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship [LINK] is written into our statutes [LINK]. It will consist of up to 15 people from across the globe. This board will guide the strategic course of the association following the decisions made by the members base in the members gathering.

The Board Of Stewardship will work completely transparent – so the community can follow and plug in at any time.

There is already a provisional Board Of Stewardship in place – all meetings of that provisional board are documented transparently [LINK] – all work happens out in the open already (see in the dark blue categories of the forum).

The provisional Board of Stewardship is open for everyone to join. If you think about to candidate for the future board just join it already – test the water – is this something you want to be a part of? Is this something you want to contribute to? Here is how to join the provisional board [LINK]


Ok, that is what already is in place/is planned. If you have questions about the whole procedure please feel free to ask them also below in the thread.

Who ever is interested, let’s build a real open and flexible organisation able to make change and connect activists and companies around the globe – and create synergies between them.

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