[BoST Call January 22, 7 pm GMT] - 2018 - PLAN Call #1

Open Conference Call of the OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship

Please confirm your participation @BoST


1 Introduction Round

How is everybody?
Are there new people? Let’s have a quick introduction round.
Reminder of roles and tasks: To Do List

2 Global Campaign

3 Materia Brazil

@Lars2i recorded a video with Materia Brazil. Needs still some annotation. Then is ready to be pushed.

4 Legal Form

###4.1 Update Legal Status Association in German

Update on legal OSCEdays legal status @Qing will lead discussion

###4.2 UK based solution
Update on partnership with @seigorobinson UK-based company

5 Global Projects

[postponed to the next call as @Silvia can’t make it to this one.]

Keep on the agenda, as we expect to focus on a few global projects as soon as the strategic framework is finished and the association is registered - Silvia
We need to find a place to have all discussion in one place. Sharon suggest this topic: City / Project matrix / Silvia will have a look at it.

Silvia’s answer: prefer to have all projects under Activities, as I see them as the most important part of our work, unless our Strategy decisions change that. Until the new forum is in place, I suggest as name for any project: [PROJECT] Name of project identical with the one in Google doc. It should be entered under its respective activity, again identical with the one used in Google doc.
E.g. [PROJECT] The Guide to Open Source Circular Economy under Educate & Connect

##6 Hack The Global Water Crisis
Hack the Global Water Crisis - update @Gien

##7 … pls add

Thanks. The next call on February 5 will be a DO-Call lead by @Lars2i about the 2018 campaign.

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I cannot attend the call.

Ok. I’ll take care.

here is something to add to the agenda:

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hi everyone, Dr. Jean-Francois Renault will join us on monday meeting. Dr. Renault is Senior scientist by Project Management Jülich(PtJ) and responsible for public founding of circular economy & resource efficiency.

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Hi, i been out for a time, cannot be there for tomorrow but this semester i can be for the others meetings. Se you later.

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Ah, great @Qing . Pls. send him my Skype ID so he can send me a request and I add him to the list for the call: Lars2i

Osce days 22.01.2018

Lars makes introduction in agendas.

We look at new call site for 2018

Qing: how could people know about us (osce days)?

Material Brasil: little video was done. Coming soon

Legal form: Qing already applied to authorities.

Seigo could use his organisation for finance if osce has an emergency (with full transperency).

Global projects is postpone till Silvia is involved.

Hack the Global Water Crisis: Gien presents kumu.io (people can store project files)
Hackathon is planned also in Cape Town on this subject.
Cape Town runs out of water and situation is getting critical.
Gien tries to build cheapest possible technologies to collect water.
Cape Town might be the example for other cities if it finds optimal solution for this emergency situation,
But there are long term solutions discussed too.

Qing on finance: Donation campaign for OSCEdays 2018
Nikusha suggests to dive bit in blockchain technologie observing, and possible usage o it for OSCE organisation.


Hi Lars, what was decided on the blogpost? Should I post it or will you do it? Thank you.

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I am really busy at work this semester but will back soon.