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Spread the OSCEdays 2018 Call For Cities | LINK:

OSCEdays 2018 is on! Once again we invite people across the globe to join us contributing to the building of open source circularity. And it is our constant goal to reach out of our filter bubble and invite people to create decentralized networks around openness and sustainability everywhere on earth. Our ’Call For Cities’ is our vehicle for this.

Please help us share it. Post it in your social media, mailing list or send it via email to friends and (future) collaborators. Here are some examples to use:

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Hey, I am not using Instragram. But it would be cool to have this as a suggestion here. If you are pls. take a foto of the banner from the website or make a screenshot with your phone when you have the page open and than share it on Instragram with a nice comment (you can take one of the tweets above). Then send it to me to embed here or post it yourself.


It is on. The global event – Open Source Circular Economy Days 2018.
ヽ(・ー・)ノ Become a local event organizer, connect to people across the globe. And start to use and create open resources for the invention and implementation of a sustainable, circular and livable future on this planet.

Read our Call for Cities. And Help Spreading it. Join us or support the project with knowledge.

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Ok friends, it’s on! Open Source Circular Economy Days 2018 \o/. With more ideas, more possibilities and more drive than ever. Please help us to spread our Call For Local Organizers. Read it. Like it. Send it. Tweet it. Share it. Instagram it. And so on. Let’s create together another Building Brick for the sustainable future we want to live in.

Woo hoo - will get promoting - experimenting more with Instagram too :wink: