City / Project matrix

Hey everyone,

I just thought of a potentially better way to display both city and project info…would it be possible to make a matrix on the home page and show participating cities as rows, then projects as columns and a tick mark to indicate which project which cities are participating in.

Maybe projects can be ordered by category and alphabetically so people can quickly scan for projects they are interested in participating in. Group leaders for each respective project can be hyperlinked from the check mark.

Could we use a google spreadsheet and embed it on the main page?

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Probably the embed of a google doc could work. Maybe you can create a sketch and share the link and I’ll try to add it.

So the idea is that people can more easily understand crossovers? This sounds very useful, but is also something that should/could be intuitive in our future ‘perfect’ forum! :slight_smile:

There are two google docs under development that are relevant to this topic:

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Answer to one of my tasks: my view is that the most relevant category for our work is Actvities, so I suggest that we use [PROJECT] for topic name and place it under the main Acitvity it belongs to. The same is required in the Google doc, the use of already defined activities.