[BoST Call Feb 6 11 am GMT] - 2017 - General Call #9

####DOCUMENTATION below in comment no. 3

Open Conference Call of the OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship

Please confirm your participation @BoST

Moderator: _______
Scribe: __________

##1 Introduction Round

How is everybody?

Are there new people? Let’s have a quick introduction round.

##2 News

  • The NEW WEBSITE is up. What do you think? Feedback round.

##3 Organizational Matters

##3.1 Update BoST roles

Everybody chooses one or several roles and every role needs a back-up. Please add to

##3.2 Communication
3.2.1 Newsletter - who is in charge

3.2.2 Outreach subteams - interaction with outside groups/partners

##3.3 Global event 8 - 12 June 2017 - update

####3.3.1 SPREAD THE CALL for cities 2017
There is a topic now and a call for the JUNE event. Please spread the call for a whole week in all your channels. You can use the texts and images here.

(As part of the call Lars will sent a newsletter about it on Tue Feb 7)

####3.3.2 Resources needed:

  • Calculate the realistic costs (Jose will do it)
  • Set a bare minimum and a maximum of budget
  • Use as a reference
    -Jose will do the spreadsheet and share it with Lars

##3.4 “Writers Weekend”

Here is a first draft for the writers weekend website.

The first one will be on March 4-5 (Lars is in charge)

QUESTION: Can we find a better name? Or is “Writers Weekend” ok?

##3.5 Patreon OSCE account - Sharon will update us

##3.6 OSCE funding options
This is an open discussion.


  • Donations
  • Online shop, should groups
  • To clarify this you need to characterize better our organization. What products do we deliver,
  • In terms of key activities we facilitate interactions between people and inspire people to run local events: what else? Is important to keep with the vision exercise. We agree that facilitating the growth of the community is key.
  • Proposal in respect to the envisioning OSCEDays: someone can take the lead with a presentation and share a screen and start summarizing and discussion around slides.

3.5.1. Ask 2017 participating cities for a small
participation fee to offset at minimum our IT costs (hardware and labor)

3.5.2. Open up an OSCE online store or find another way to sell products/services made during OSCEdays and thorugh our projects (Lars will explore solutions)

  • Interesting but not clear. What will be sold?
  • Do we have projects that can be sold?
  • Is it creating a platform to sell products made by the community?

##3.7 Sponsorship For Events In Canada - update

##3.8 Other - Please add

##4 Circular Design Guide by EMF
http://www.circulardesignguide.com/ – Let’s discuss this.


The circular sanitation topic has a new twist this year and I’d like to suggest doing a hackthon on open sourcing a modular integrated energy-food-water-hygiene-sanitation system (cooking/ biochar/ solar/ gravity/ light/ water heating/ water purification/ washing/ soap/ toilet/ Terra Preta/ compost/ biogas). I found a lot of information online and some contacts, but I would need people to help set this up and make it a major topic. The interesting thing about it: I know some very poor communities that urgently need it (1. in the Philippines and 2. in Kongo (Republic), there is credit available to help these people finance building their own systems once the plans are available and also for setting up companies to produce the necessary parts locally (possibly through a shop we create?). I find that a great incentive because this is not just for theory or playing around. Apart from the textiles I think this would be a worthwhile focus this year, what do you think? Should we set topics to focus on?

Sadly I can’t join the ‘scribathon’ or whatever we decide to call it on the 4./5. March, it would be a good opportunity to try and write some ACTION protocols for iterations on different parts of the E-F-WASH-system (maybe call it “modular basic needs system”?).

about the website: how about starting to set up and/ or integrate a wiki for documentation such as this one: http://energypedia.info/
are there others like this already out there?

I’m afraid I’ll be at work tomorrow, I can’t join the call. please keep me updated.


Moderator: @JuliaP, Scribe: @Lars2i

###2 NEWS

The new website is good. Much clearer.

Only question: Is there too much content on it?

Jose: Let’s add links to the menu that scroll you down automatically to the sections you are looking for.

Lars: will do.

###3.1 Update BoST Roles

Julia will take over the newsletter.

Jose can get access to the website and build together with Lars the website team.

###3.2.2 Outreach Subteams

Website Team: Lars & Jose

Sponsorship/Budget Team: Silvia, Lars, (Frans)

###3.3 Global Event

####3.3.1 Spread The Call For Cities

go for it!

####3.3.2 - Should we ask local organisers to donate?

Yes. But it should not be included in the first call - but later. And it should not be mandatory.

Something like: we love donations, every penny matters.

There need to be a patreon link added to the forum as well once the Patreon is up.

If the budget is clear it should be communicated clearly. (Through Patreon?)

Funding Your Event – Topic - we need a better topic that gives people ideas about how to fund their local events - not just sponsorship brochures. There we can add/collect also valuable information about what Incubators to look for as an OS startup and so on. Lars will start the topic. We can add info there over time.

###3.4 Writers Weekend

Ok. Let’s go with the name.

###3.5 Patreon

Could be “Workshops” a reward?

Sharon and Lars will work it out more. Let’s look at it in two weeks.

####3.6.1 Ask 2017 participating cities for a small fee?
Covered above. Not mandatory. But we ask for it.

####3.6.2 SHOP?

Should we open up a shop? We got a lot of good ideas and insights on this. There is a new topic for it now covering what we discussed and where we can continue the discussion.


####3.7 Canada Sponsorship

Nothing new. When local events in Canada pop up we will connect them.

####3.8 Vision Exercise

@gien is asking for a Vision exercise for a while now: Where do we see OSCEdays in 5 years. There was never the time in BoST calls to properly discuss it. We (@gien) should start with a topic about it to have a pre-discussion. And then we set a clear date in advance to make sure there is at least 40 minutes time in a BoST call to just discuss this.

@Silvia will ask @gien to start the topic. If it works we should plan this discussion in an evening call in 6 weeks. So it would be March 20.

####3.9 Project Management Tool?

Jose is showing us the project management tool “MeisterTask” he is using and suggests that we use a tool like that for BoST. It would make the work much easier.

Silvia, Julia and Lars agree. It also raises a lot of questions (what is the forum for and what not) but it looks definitely like something that would be very helpful.

Jose will research for Open Source solutions with similar powers than Meistertask (according to our policy to use the OS-solution if there is one that is good enough). So we can continue the discussion in the next call.

###4 Circular Design Guide

Jose: The circular design guide is an interesting resource. We should share it. Build on it. And maybe even use some parts of it in BoST to brainstorm OSCEdays.


Sorry. This year is dificult to me to connect to the Bost calls.

I can be part of the spread of the event

Traductions to spanish, italian and portoguese,

promote the oscedays on social networks

And try to get some fund and support here.

Sorry for not be on the call. :frowning:

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I was in a meeting in the University today.

My Comments

3.6.2 SHOP?

of course this is something that would work well with Patreon also.

3.5 Patreon

I have added a number of queries on a dedicated thread. Please make edits to the text if you see ways to improve it. I will give an update on the bank account asap

Guys I think there is a nice opportunity with this resource:
Is a resource to build awesome themes for Wordpress.
I could improve the current CSS template, but this resource speedsup alot of things.


There is a nice offer of unlimited access to their resources if we pay less than 300$, check this. Perhaps is nice to talked about it in the nest Bostcall??