Better Name Than 'Writers Weekend'

Hi everyone,

I will set up the website for the ‘Writers Weekend’ in the coming days and launch the call. The weekend will be about documenting projects and knowledge and creating ACTION protocols for future events. I’d like to have the first weekend already on March 4 & 5.

Here is the first quick draft for the website/announcement/call.

writers week announcement draft v1.pdf (32.4 KB)

But the big question is, can we find a better name than ‘Writers Weekend’?

I could not think of anything that catches what the weekend will be about.



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sounds great!

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WRITER’S weekend sounds too plain
ACTION WRITER is a little better, but new people won’t know the technical definition of an ACTION

Maybe think of all the words associated with it first, then we can find some synonyms.

Circular design documentation

@nicustasia @Gien

I think the weekend should not just be about creation ACTION protocols but about documentation at all.

From the call:

(1) You can use this event to create any open documentation of circular economy solutions and share it with the world. It does not have to be in the format of ACTION protocols and it does not have to be on the OSCEdays platform. We are happy about any open documentation! As long as you share the link to your documentation with us – so we can share the link on our platform :-).




Even though it is accurate, the word “documentation” doesn’t sound that exciting to me. What is your feeling?

What is the bigger exciting vision here?
…contributing to and growing a circular design repository or library. What is exciting is contributing useful designs to a shared repository that anyone can download to make replace a non-circular process with a circular one. We must be able to find words that strike more to the core of that vision? It could even be a new hybrid word. Or alternatively it could have Heading and a subtitle

Circular Design Docufest
A weekend dedicated to contributing to a global open source circular design repository


I’ve been working on something similar for the Sustainable Development Goals here in Geneva. We call it a Solutions Hub, but the explanation that is immediately understood by everyone is the idea of creating a digital recipe book of solutions. Not just what they are but a how to guide for replicating them.

So in this context, perhaps invite people to co-create the “Open Source Circular Economy Cookbook”?


From facebook:

And facebook:

The scribaton sounds catchy!


I like:

  • OSCEdays Docufest
  • OSCEdays Scribathon
  • OSCEdays Docudays

I also like these words, but haven’t thought of a way to use them in a name:

  • Scribe
  • Whizz
  • Sprint
  • Chronicle
  • Record
  • Catalogue
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