[TASK] – Spread The Call For Cities for OSCEdays JUNE 2017

Hey @BoST + All,

we are a bit late but we need to start to spread the call for cities for the JUNE event 2017.

Here is how we did it last year. And again below you can find some texts to use to post in social media or send out via email.

In general I don’t expect as much feedback this year because we changed the sign-up-procedure and also the whole way we ask people to set up and structure their events. So we get this year quality over quantity. Also we have the Writers Weekends once a month running up to the global event creating content and attention.

But to get at least a little bit going we need to start sharing the Call. So please post in all channels

This Link (The Call): https://oscedays.org/call-for-cities-2017/

#Facebook/ Email Teaser Text


We are creating a global event and hackathon exploring Open Source for a sustainable Circular Economy: the Open Source Circular Economy Days. We need your help to find local organizers, engage a global community and spread the word. Here is a little more info:

The Open Source Circular Economy Days (OSCEdays) will happen for the third year running, between June 8-12 2017. The event aims to bring together and globally connect creators, experts, activists and innovators from the fields of open source, circular economy, sustainability, design, waste and resource management, to develop and exchange ideas and to prototype systems, products and designs for an Open Source Circular Economy.

A global sustainable economy can only work through a decentralised and Open Source approach! Therefore we invite people from across the globe to set up local events – big or small – and connect them to others events. In the first two years, over 70 cities from all parts of the globe participated. Join us for 2017. Read the full Call for Cities and learn how to sign up your local event by clicking this link:


Help us to spread the word. Share the call and send it to friends that might be interested in joining and progressing this global initiative.

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Will go out on Tuesday Feb 7, sent by @Lars2i

Call For Cities For June 2017!

With two solid years behind us, we have learned a lot and made many new friends. We are ready to continue this journey with all of you to bring together the Circular Economy with Open Source methodologies.

Many of you have asked when the next OSCEdays will be. We are happy to announce that the event will be on:

JUNE 8-12, 2017

Read the full call here: https://oscedays.org/call-for-cities-2017/

####What is new?

To make it easier for you to participate, we have created a new way to sign up and log your local events. You can find information about that in the new participation guide.


Open Source is all about sharing knowledge. In an effort to collect our combined community knowledge and make it accessible to the world, we have condensed all that we have learned in the past years into a new concept: We replaced ‘CHALLENGES’ with ‘ACTIONS’. Actions are structured exploration activities that are explained in a clear step-by-step tutorial format. Anyone can follow the steps and build and experience the Open Source Circular Economy solutions that our community has co-created. We piloted the ACTIONS concept during our collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation DIF in November 2016 – and the results encouraged us to continue experimenting with our new “ACTIONS” concept.

####Writers Weekends
In the run up to the next global event we will host a ‘Writers Weekend’ every month and invite you to create documentation and ACTION protocols that people can use during their local events. The first one is happening on March 4-5, 2017. Mark your calendar and join us in this documentation jam! Document and share. We will tell you more about the Writers Weekends in the next newsletter.


Pls. @BoST & Community. Share the call with your network, try to get it spread through mailinglists, groups on G+, FB, Twitter, Linked In + + + Just let your fantasy show you the way :-).

Let’s make some noise

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Hi @Lars2i I edited it to make it read more fluidly. I like the white image because it looks the simplest!

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Great @sharmarval ! If you have the time also pls. check the call for cities on the website and edit it there.

I made a few more tweaks. Will do.

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I updated the Call for Cities too.

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Cool. I just created the newsletter. It is scheduled for tomorrow morning 11:00

I posted in a few fb-groups

FB groups I posted in.doc (50 KB)

added it as an event on OpenSource.Com

And to the sustainability reddit

Worth noting that this is happening at the same time: https://www.sitra.fi/en/events/circular-economy/world-circular-economy-forum-2017

FB groups I messaged (so far)

FB pages I messaged.doc (52.5 KB)

Hi, i made a translate of the newsletter to spanish.

i used to spread the word in the social media of oscedays Bogota.

(is in a Colombian Spanish)

OSCEdays Llamado a ciudades: Evento Global Junio 8–12, 2017

Los invitamos a unirse a nuestro Evento global explorando el código abierto para crear una economía circular sostenible en Junio : organiza un evento local y conecta tu evento con otros eventos alrededor del planeta!
los Open Source Circular Economy Days (OSCEdays) van a realizarse del 8 al 12 de Junio de 2017 por tercer año consecutivo.
El evento permite unir y conectar globalmente a creadores, expertos, activistas e innovadores de los campos del open source (código abierto), economía circular, sostenibilidad, diseño, desechos y manejo de recursos para desarrollar e intercambiar ideas y prototipar sistemas, productos y diseños para una economía circular de código abierto.
Creemos que una economía circular sostenible, libre de desechos necesita transparencia, acceso abierto a la información y soluciones de código abierto. Creemos que con código abierto la economía circular es posible. Los OSCEdays plantean esta idea en el mundo y constituyen una comunidad global alrededor del código abierto para una economía circular pretendiendo juntos co-crear soluciones.
Igual que en los años anteriores, el evento de este año será distribuido globalmente y descentralizado. Todos están invitados a montar un evento local – grande o pequeño – y conectarlo con otros. En el pasado más de 70 ciudades de 30 países en los 5 continentes tomaron parte.
Estamos buscando organizadores locales para el 2017. Si estas interesado en crear un evento local en tu ciudad y conectarte con todas las demás ciudades involucradas, puedes leer aquí como crear tu evento local. Crear tu evento local. Siéntete libre de preguntar lo que quieras en nuestro foro y mantenerte en contacto. Puedes también suscribirte a nuestro Newsletter para recibir información acerca de la preparación del evento global y más.
Por favor ayúdanos a difundir la palabra. Comparte este llamado con tus amigos y envíaselo a personas que pueden estar interesadas en unirse: personas que tal vez quieran usar OSCEdays para mostrar su trabajo, abrirlo y conectar con otras partes del mundo.
Muchas gracias,
Consejo administrativo de OSCEdays

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