TO-DO-LIST & Open and Answered Questions - OSCEdays Berlin 216

META: Hi, this is the To-Do-List of the OSCEdays Organizing Community. The Post is a Wiki. Feel free to add stuff. You can also add stuff by Replying in a comment.


These are things we need to get done urgently in the next days AND we do not have anyone doing them already. Please move back down to general to-dos when they are done/ taken care of.

(Please us this format: thing to-do, deadline, coordinator)

Answer Questions below, 1.6.2016, @simonlee @Lars2i @cameralibre @whoever else is in the know

  • How many people will fit in, how many do we expect?
  • What still needs to be done to make this work-in-progress-site usable? Toilets? Fire exits? Drinking water&electricity? Lamps, electric outlets, beamer, internet? Seating, tables? Wallspace for posters? materials still needed? other… ?
  • When do we do the physical preparation for the setting up on the 9.? Do we need helpers?
  • who is organising the setting up on the 9th? who will be there to help?
  • who is in charge of the waste management/ zero waste event?
  • who will be in charge of the toying area? Where do we get the tools from? How can we store them safely? Who will be in charge of safety/ instructing users? Do we need any materials? Where from? Who will get them? Any costs attached?
  • What do the Challengers need to bring to the event (office stuff, equipment…)? Who will let them know?
  • Do we need a car at some point? Whohas an overview over necessary logistics?
  • Do any of the challenges require special materials that they can’t bring themselves?
  • Stage manager for the mini conference


These to-dos should move to the priority list at some point if there isn’t anyone in charge already.

  • Question: Information about the Place: Agora - Kindl Area: Walking distance to Agora Mittelweg, 2000 m2 inside/ how many outside? preliminary floor plan further down.

  • Event Infrastructure: storage for valuables there may be a storage for speakers’ / workshop organizers’ valuabels/ heavy items such as tools

  • Toying & Workshop Area - We will have a hacking/ toying area. We will build machines from the precious plastics project and a lot more.

  • Time: When do we open/ close doors ? CRCLRlab is responsible, right @simonlee ?

  • Room Plan & Program Schedule - In a meeting we decided to have a big plan of the building on the wall with the program for the day that can be edited during the day - like in a barcamp. We need to build this plan. And hang a URL to the digital program next to it.

  • People in charge for certain tasks during the event? – Let’s have someone in charge for different tasks during the event (while we all feel responsible, only someone to keep an eye on/ an overview over a specific, well-defined area of responsibility, e.g. participant information, nice atmosphere, technical support, press…) Desposit a list of people resposible at an agreed place, e.g. the storage room (inclunding phone-no)

  • Logistics: Do we need a car at some point? Who is in charge of logistics?

  • Materials & Tools Do any of the challenges require special materials? Will they bring it themselves, do they need help? Where do we get tools from this time? It didn’t work well last time to borrow them, we should not try that again: Not enough control who is taking them where.

  • Documentation Do we have a team that takes care of the documentation of the event? > PLEASE VISIT THE DOCUMENTATION TEAM


  • Insurance What about insurance? Are we covered by CRCLRlab?

  • Fluchtwege How about safety (Fluchtwege)? What is the max legal number of people?

  • First Aid What about accidents during workshops? Do we have first aid kit and clean space?



  • Press Who is in charge to coordinate press contacts and press information? - Ask the media team

  • Help Desk/Greeting Area should we have a help&greeting desk/zone for participants and speakers? How did it work last time?

We were discussing a board on the wall - like in a barcamp people can go there to see, what is coming up next. And also add new sessions. The board though still needs to be build. In an elegant, interactive and circular way.

  • Something Else Do we need anything more in terms of information on display for
    participants? Signs, logos, floorplan, or little displays with challenge
    names for the tables etc? name&interest stickers for participants? contact board (for offline messages on site)?


  • Legal Entity in Charge?


  • Finances: How much money do we need (minimum)? What do we need the money for (priorities)? How much money do we have? Who are our sponsors? Are there any strings attached/ What is their interest in sponsoring us? // Information on finances is kept by ?? The calculations should be documented transparently in the owncloud again (please ask @cameralibre for access).

Lars2i: My perspective: The situation this year is a bit different. The official organizer is the CRCLR lab - mostly represented by @simonlee. The CRCLR lab provides us the space/platform to run our event. They will also finance everything needed and do all the work with the sponsors. So it is not really a community financed situation here. More like a service provided to the community by the CRCLR lab. I am pretty sure they will be as transparent as they can with everything. But I don’t think they will run everything 100% transparent when it comes to finance, because they have other partner commitments overlapping and so on. But I personally trust them 100%, I know, they will not make a profit out of OSCEdays and reinvest everything back into the community and event. So if questions are popping up about stuff to pay for, direct your questions towards @simonlee

  • Time chief? – Who will keep an overview on the events/ timeline?

It is @friederike @simonlee and @Lars2i

  • Flyers & Posters Will we have a leaflet/ Flyer/ poster to distribute?

yes. @Mayya already created some - and “die gingen weg wir warme Semmeln” :slightly_smiling: - there will be more. Information about that should be in the Media Team.

  • Printed Program Will there be a printed program?

Most likely not. Because we want to encourage Barcamp like spontaneous challenges too. There will be a big plan - a board - in the entrance area where people can look up what is going on where and when. Also we should hang a short URL with the program to the wall.

@transitionmica Dear Maike, I am already planning the Planning Party :slight_smile: We will have Flip Charts and I will take care of snacks and drinks. I will take care of getting “Namenschilder” done next week.

Hi @transitionmica

Thanks a lot and great work setting up this topic! It is so great to see, that a lot of your first questions are already answered, but it is true, there is no way to find out the answers so far, because they aren’t documented yet!

I edited in above the answers already there. And here is just an opinion on one of the bullet points:

Help Desk/Greeting Area should we have a help&greeting desk/zone for participants and speakers? How did it work last time?

Personal opinion: No! We should not have such a thing. OSCEdays Berlin should be build wherever possible with self-organizing-effects. This is not a service! It is an opportunity. And if people get lost, let them find their own way. Sure, let’s try to set infrastructure and a culture that makes orientation easy (like the board on the wall). But apart from that. Let’s be different. This is a place, where people work together and invent together new ways to collaborate. Don’t let’s do the job for them with an old fashion way of a “know it all and from above” info desk :wink:

“I will write down some of the things” - better to write them into the wiki right away to fill in the gaps. I did that this time so we can see things falling into place nicely, with less and less open questions.

"no “VIP” area " - I changed that in the Wiki: this is not about VIP but about practicalities. E.g. when I bring tools and materials for my workshop and then I want to join another challenge. After the tools that went missing last time I would strongly advise that we have some kind of locked area with restricted access for such things. I don’t want to carry my stuff with me all the time.

“The official organizer is the CRCLR lab” - so they are also taking care of all the legal stuff like insurance, fire safety etc.? Who is behind CRCLRlab besides Simon? let’s be transparent.

“OSCEdays Berlin should be build wherever possible with self-organizing-effects” - ok, no service, but it helps in self-organising if people don’t waste time on finding out things we already know. They should spend their time working on challenges, not on finding them


Hi everyone,
@Lars2i @Ina @transitionmica @friederike @simonlee

I will not be able to attend the planning party this week. But I do have some points to think about and honestly I still don’t really know how to use this forum, so hopefully I am in the right place :slight_smile:

  • Which companies will be part of the permanent exhibition (textile/ other)
  • How much space for permanent exhibition + challenges + discussions / presentations (stage) + timing and schedule
  • Is there someone who would like to organise onset how all this is going to work and lead the participants to their “spots” or be the person to discuss technicalities? If not, let’s separate this task.

Have fun, see you soon!

hi dears, here some first answers

  • organisers of the event are 1-crclr circular economy network e.v. and 2-agora collective
  • preliminary floor plan uploaded; we’re working on locating the different challenges into spaces. there will be thrree more separate space not on the plan. and basement also not there.

  • we (friederike and me) are creating the time schedule as far as possible; pls also upload your challenges (and exhibition plans??) here or talk to us on thursday pls
  • separate storage room which can be closed: we’ll try to make it happen. the space will still be rough and improvised, it’s under construction after all. but we have daylight since last week:)
  • walking distance: 5min
  • outside area: a greenhouse and some space to sit depending on weather
  • toilets: in progress
  • fire exits: done
  • electricity: is there, we need more cables, will work on it this month
  • lamps: done
  • time: we’ll take care
  • beamers: do you have good ones?
  • wallspace for posters: we’re working on it
  • seating tables: we’re working on it
  • toying area: good idea, can someone take care of it? if yes we plan it into the floor plan
  • insurance: working on it
  • first aid kit: will do
  • food drinks: working on it

@transitionmica - We need some Lego for the event - do you have still good ties to Leila-Berlin and can get the Lego for us?

yes, I asked them if it’s available.

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We will need a stage manager for the mini conference talks (see 2nd comment here)

yes, good idea! it’s best to have a time keeper and the moderator separately so each can focus on their task.

Hello hello!
@Ina @JuliaP

I hope you’re well :slight_smile:
I have a few questions to discuss with you:

  1. We do not have a Facebook page for OSCEdays Berlin which makes it a bit complicated to share, is it possible to create one?

  2. Will we be having a press conference on Thursday?

  3. Is someone filming at the event? Is there a photographer?

  4. @simonlee :
    I need to organise with ESMOD the transport of mannequins and other material to set up stands for the alumni projects, when will be a good day/time (I will need support to carry if it is possible) + when will be a good day for the alumni to hang on their clothes etc (safe).

  • Is there a table they could use for the “Meet Up” discussion organised by the Masters students?
  1. @Lars2i
    Do we have an Instagram account, twitter etc… Can we get the password for these to start spreading the word?

Looking forward to hear from you!
All the best,


  1. We have a Fb Berlin group which is run by Lars since a while ago…

I doubt he will be able to run another one or delete the one he’s been posting in so far.

Even if let’s say, I create a Fb OSCE Berlin page, it will be confusing because then we will have two (Lars’ group and the new page).

We also discussed a while ago and we both agreed that we don’t know which is best:

Thats why I chose the form “group” for textiles also, to complement the OSCE Berlin and OSCE general Fb sites, which are groups also.

There is a link for the group, so why not share it?

People can join.

  1. Didn’t you say you knew someone?..

  2. There is no INSTAGRAM I was going to make one. It would need to be a Berlin one, I think.

There will be one in the next 1-2 days I promise.

There is a TWITTER but a general one (not Berlin, so textiles can’t be prioritized there).

It would be nice if you could make one as I dont really know twitter. If not, I can look into it the next 1-2 days.

Thanks for the hard work!


I was suggesting a page and twitter for OSCE Berlin in general, not for textiles in particular. I believe it is better to have a page that has the whole event with more followers then separate groups that are more empty. This is the conclusion we arrived to in our previous meetings regarding social medias

  1. I am part of the group as well, I am suggesting a page for OSCE Berlin as I am not sure the textile group is something really strong to be separated. We can skip the page, however it is easier to spread a page and for people to like it, than people joining a group… For example when we set up the eventbrite, it was asked a Facebook page, not a group… It makes it complicated in some situations. At the end, if you decided this would be best, it is fine.

  2. Yes I do know a photographer, but a paid one as I mentioned in our meetings… and I understood there was already contacts for this >> See response from @simonlee (email)

  3. I can set up a twitter account, but OSCEdays Berlin doesn’t already have one we can use? I would need an email account

  4. Yes an Instagram would be great, but please OSCEdays Berlin (not textile alone - we can use hashtag for textile)

Perfect! I will organise all this and get back to you with a set date !
I am inviting press as well :slight_smile:


  1. So you couldn’t include a Group in Eventbrite? Oh. Hmmn, I think it would be confusing to have another page in addition to the OSCE Berlin Group Fb and the OSCE Berlin Event Fb.
  2. I see. Cool.
  3. No, as far as I know OSCE Berlin twitter doesn’t exist. And we don’t have an own email either, so the person to create it would need to make an online email account for this OR use their own.
  4. Of course, it was going to be a Berlin one.


  1. Ok then let’s leave it this way now… we’ ll see what happens :slight_smile:

  2. mmh… let’s ask @Lars2i - is it possible to create a twitter account that would be attached to your twitter account but with a different password, that we could use… ? Since you are the founder of OSCEdays Berlin… I am still new at Twitter…

  3. perfect! here is the invitation where you could get inspired to create your posts

  4. We were thinking you might need extra support to constantly tweet, post on instagram and Facebook during the event about general OSCE and what’s going on inside the textile challenges (using hashtags and naming/following the companies etc). If you think you would need support, maybe the community could help…

  1. I will definitely need help. Not help, rather it is part of the OSCE culture to automatically post/ repost stuff on social media during and after the event and I will try to include (so should we all) the hashtags in every way possible, into every post. We will spread the word about this request during the event also.
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there is no instragram account. Feel free to go for it.

There is a global twitter account. I can’t share the account as it is meant for global messages only. But the account retweets a lot of the local twitter accounts. So post a tweet with #OSCEdays and it will probably gain more visibility through that account.

We can create one for OSCEdays Berlin. But growing a followerbase on twitter takes time. And if it is for marketing purposes only the impact is rather small. The OSCEdays global account as almost 1000 followers. And it creates less then 5 clicks of traffic per post. So it is a lot of work. But if you are up for it, go for it.

Use your email address for it for now if you set one up.


Here is the Berlin Facebook GROUP - as posted already by Julia (I make you too also admins there)

And here is the Facebook EVENT for June 2016.

Jepp, an event grows a followerbase quickly. But everything is lost 1 month after. A page creates faster a followerbase. But it is about one-way-communication. The OSCEdays is not about one way communication. But the group was growing very slow. And not much posting (other than from me) was going so far.

Ah, and with the pictures. We had a lot of people taking photos last year and a good procedure where they uploaded it to the owncould. But we did not really had a structured process how to organize them afterwards. Everyone took some out of the box and we were good.

I expect there will be people around with cameras anyway (and @simonlee is on the task as well). We just have to ask them to share the pics afterwards with us.

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It’s a simple Gmx one for the creation of more social media channels (no contacts so far).
Does anyone need the password?