[TASK] - Talks for & Organisation of our Mini-Conference OSCEdays 2016


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On Saturday we have this Mini-Conference from 13:00 - 17:00 (see program for speakers so far). We have plenty of time for talks there. Let’s collect here in this topic and the comments below ideas for potential presenters. And agree on a program.

And also talk about orga-stuff regarding the conference.

I’ve asked Stefan Schridde if he would give a talk on his new business idea on Saturday as there were still slots to fill.

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###Stage Manager + Timing

Hi, We will need - at least for Saturday - a stage manager. Someone who welcomes the speaker at the stage and - more importantly - keeps the time! I have some experiences with self-organized conferences like ours - and with an atmosphere like that the talks always explode! At the OPENiT Festival the last talks of the day were 2 hours behind schedule because the first speakers took to much time.

So we need two things

  1. A stage manager

  2. A breathier schedule - When we say to someone: “You have 10 minutes for your presentation” it should take 20 in our program! Or even 25. Let’s rather have a discussion after the talks then an unhappy audience and unhappy speakers.

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If you are ok with it, I will change the timing a bit.

Ok for Friday lets keep as it is and for Saturday we can change. Ina and the textile group planned some input also I think

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I also think that 20 mins talk is rather short. we need to make sure speakers know of the 10 mins. input concept (more a teaser/intro than a real talk). give 5 mind leeway beteween speakers (leaving the stage, announcing the next one, greeting the audience and getting started with the actual talk…

@simonlee - jepp, for Fri and Thu lets keept it. It will work. But for saturday:

@transitionmica - jepp, but as I said. I am pretty sure 5 min will be too short. I will take a look into the program and change the timing a bit and come up with a list how much time each speaker has - and make each spot 10 minutes longer. Ok?

How much time Stefan wanted? And when does he have to leave?

His information is now: start time 13:20, 2. speaker, Slot of 20 Minutes. I’m sure we can move him by 20 mins to give us time to do a short 10 mins. intro and give the first sepaker 20 mins + 10.

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Hey. have we found a stage manager?
Seeing the program, the talks are between 13 and 15h so far?