[TASK:NEWSLETTERS] OSCEdays Global Newsletters 2016

Here we will collate the news stories to include in the future newsletters. If you have any questions ping @sharmarval or @Jaime

Post should be a wiki.

Here you can find the first and second newsletters.

#Newsletter #3: 19th April 2016


Please add your suggested stories to the topic.

  1. Three new cities to showcase:
  • Vancouver @belindali is it okay to include you in our newsletter because you did such an awesome job on the goal12 website? Could you send a picture to include?
  1. @Jaime I think you mentioned something in the last call that should go out in the newsletter this week?
  2. Community calls from May onwards
  3. Sam’s article on How Open Source can Accelerate the Circular Economy Shift
  4. Adidas & Levi Strauss Open Source initiatives
  5. Please add other topics @BoST because it would be great to send something out this week
  6. Maybe welcome to new BoST members: Melanie and Johnny?

Okay, I have made a draft of the newsletter. I’m just waiting for two images and perhaps @Jaime you can check it for me.
Hey @sharmarval, sorry, just saw your mention now. Looks great! Just checked it and changed a couple of pictures for Vancouver and Madrid. Shall I send it tomorrow?

#Newsletter #4: 24th May 2016


Please add your suggested stories to the topic.

  1. Three new cities to showcase: suggestions here @BoST

  2. @Justine global Zero Waste challenge should be public by then. We can send an global invitation to join it.

  3. @Lars2i Open Source Business Models for Circular Economy Video Series should be done by then. If it is good, we can add it here.

  4. Maybe we have a membership procedure in place by then. We can invite people to send in membership applications. If we do not have it in place let’s wait till the next newsletter.

  5. Maybe we managed to have donate button on the page by then . . .

  6. Mission statement

  7. Changes in the Forum: now questions

#Newsletter #5: 31st May 2016 / 7th June


Please add your suggested stories to the topic.

  1. Jaime’s talk
  2. Donate button
  3. Cities updates
  4. Fixed link for local reporters call
  5. Mentors call
  6. Open House
  7. Do we have anything nice to include from a community perspective? Would like to send it tomorrow…

#Newsletter #6: 8th June


Final newsletter before the 2016 event. Please add items you’d like to see included.

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Hey @BoST can you add your suggestions to the newsletter for this week / next week so that we have enough content to justify sending it…I’m happy to coordinate it by I do need your input on the content :slightly_smiling:

@Lars2i Do you think we can communicate about Suez already?

Just added some articles :slight_smile:

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Hi @sharmarval

Please find below the text for the Zero Waste Event:

Zero Waste

Why a Zero
Waste Event (ZWE)?

Festivals and
conferences create an insane amount of waste. It’s important ensure that during
the 5 days we will actually make our best to reduce the amount of waste that
end to landfill, and raise awareness among all stakeholders. This Zero Waste
approach is also a good opportunity to put into practice the OSCE days values:
rethink our behaviors towards waste and share the best practices to everyone.

Our goals for
the OSCE days 2016:

- Track as
much as possible where the trash goes when it leave the event

- Report the
quantity of waste that has been recycled and did not end to landfill in the 56 participating

- Exchange
best practices with other cities and increase our waste diversion rate for next
year ?

How ?

We encourage
all the participants, organisators, attendees, speakers to first reduce a maximum
**the waste at its source. **

eg: avoid
flyers, disposables cutlery, plates, plastics bottles, plastics bags, goodies

Different recycling
alternatives will be implemented to process used materials into new products to
divert waste from the landfill. When possible, composting solutions will be
also set up. Hence organics such as food scraps, yard waste, and paper back
into soil will be used to grow new plants and crops.

To coordinate locally
the ZWE there are one or two ambassadors per city. They look after the set up,
**the communication, bin collection and the final reporting. **

For more
information about Zero Waste Event, please see (link to the challenge ZWE)

Let me know if it is ok :slightly_smiling:

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Cool. @Justine is referring to the global Zero Waste Event Challenge. - I will reformat that Zero Waste Challenge a bit and add a little introduction text to it. When I am done we should add it to the newsletter.

Maybe not with the whole text Justine shared above. A smaller version/announcement with the link to the topic will do.


I will finally send another newsletter tomorrow. Please add the latest updates @Bost because I have missed the last calls and won’t be there tomorrow either. I can work on it tomorrow afternoon and send it Tuesday morning.

ok, I guess it is good to study the Agenda of the Call tomorrow.

I think

  • The global Challenges
  • The Mentorship Progam

needs to be mentioned - send as invitation to join it. And also:

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@sharmarval: the Mentorship program could benefit from attetion in the newsletter.

EMF has send out the Call For Mentors towards their CE100 members (which is news by itself i’d say), but this has not resulted in any new mentors. (right @Lars2i ?)

Het Groene Brein will be sending the Call for Mentors out this week through it’s coms, something worth mentioning as well.

Jepp, I think with the Mentors program. Putting it into the Newsletter is good but will not do the job. I think people like to be addressed personally. So if you know people, reach out to them - in person. That will work in 80% + I am sure.

Hey @Jaime I’ve written a succinct newsletter for with the main updates…if you want to have a quick look before we send it tomorrow?

Also, I think I have a slightly peculiar process here where I’m changing the template each time…will spend some time to figure if out properly in a few weeks. :slight_smile:

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hahahah Love it :stuck_out_tongue:
For next time, if you want to create custom campaigns instead of changing the template each time you can go to:

Campaigns >> Create Campaign >> And there you follow the steps where you choose a new or saved template you want to use (without creating a new one :wink: )

Besides that, great work @sharmarval! I added a subject and some stuff to the beginning of the newsletter to make it transition a bit more smoothly. Feel free to improve it if you think of something better :slight_smile:

If you want to sent it you just have to go to Campaigns >> Newsletter #3 >> Send (when it’s ready)

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Ah, I just sent it and noticed a wrong link is added…hmmm. Not sure what to do about that! :confused:

Mmm, Maybe you can resend it with the fixed link, and add in front of the Subject line [Link Fixed]

Would that be ok?

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I’m going to send another one tomorrow morning, so will include the correct link too. Anythink specific to include let me know cc @Lars2i

Thanks for this wonderful guidance @Jaime :smiley:

I’ve made a draft fourth newsletter, if someone has time to quickly look at it before I send it at lunch time today, that would be great.


Sorry, bit late reply but was great :slight_smile:


Yep, I was too late as well, but really liked the newsletter :slight_smile:

PS: Specially love the newsletters when I see my face in them, thanks Sharon! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ha ha. Thanks guys. You know @Jaime I tried to put you in the first newsletter…but failed…so happy to finally have succeeded with this mission. :slight_smile: