[TASK: NEWSLETTER #2] OSCEdays Global Newsletter 2 March 2016


OSCEdays Announce Partnership with iFixit


With just two months to go before OuiShare Fest in Paris we have a very special offer to share with the OSCEdays community: Ouishare offer you a 1-week long Early Bird ticket special, at a 35 % discount of the current price!

Needs to include the discount code.

  • Collaboration with iFixit

  • New cities showcase @Lars2i can you suggest? It would be nice to showcase a local organiser in each newsletter :smiley:

  • Also, if we had some of the stories from 2015 online, we could include these too @Lars2i

Wow, so much to shout about :smiley:

@BoST please make suggestions about content you think needs to be included and @jaime and I will start drafting it tomorrow. I think we should have a mix of updates on the event, community news and interesting content.

Update: The final newsletter can be found here

Association is founded

  • we will set up everything soon and establish a procedure to become a member. But people can already send an email to . . . oscedays@web.de

And I think we could place a link to the blogpost about the way we work there. The posting needs more attention. We can use this also to invite the people to suggest Blogposts in our category.

with the OuiShare announcement, it will work better as something like:

Jaime will be presenting OSCEdays at OuiShare Fest, and many more OSCE community members will also be attending. If you would like to join us there, and also learn more about collaborative communities, open source and peer-to-peer, we have a special offer to share with the OSCEdays community: [text that you already have].

That way it’s slightly more relevant to the OSCE community.

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Can we please add an announcement that there will be an OSCEdays event as part of GreenFest in Portugal in October?

Oh, and let me know what date you are planning to send out the email and I’ll contact OuiShare for a code we can include.

@Jaime I sent you a test / draft version. See what you think and I can work on it later again. If you also want to work on it I can give you the log in.

Hi @sharmarval! Looks pretty good!

I guess the version you sent me was not the definitive one, but just in case, here I my notes:

  • The text from San Francisco is the same as the one in Amsterdam.
  • It would make the look more consistent to add pictures to SF and Bogota in the same sizing as Amsterdam)
  • Instead of putting ifixit above the text explaining their involvement, I would maybe put Ifixit’s Logo in the same line (or at least shorten the height of the logo image so it is closer to the text and there is less scroll)
  • I would change slightly the Ouishare Fest announcement with something more exciting than my face (even if I love seeing myself from time to time :slight_smile: ). I would replace my photo with the logo from the fest, and change the headline with something like, “we have a discount to the Ouishare Fest for you!

(if you had already planned for all of this, please ignore my remarks :slight_smile: )

Let me know where you are at, and if I can help with the changes, let me know and I’ll get to it as soon as I get the log in.

Great stuff @Jaime thanks. Yeah, just waiting for content from the other cities to include.

Re Ouishare Fest, :smiley: I will take out the pic, is it okay if I still mention that you will be presenting OSCEdays there? I think that’s probably good to mention.

@cameralibre if it’s not too late then please do ask for the discount code and I will try to send the Newsletter tomorrow morning.

@sharmarval, yeah, you can go ahead with mentioning I’ll be presenting. Maybe it would make sense to mention also that I am part of the BoST, so readers know why it’s cool to join me at the Fest :slightly_smiling:

PS: I am thinking of customizing the newsletter, Can you please send me the log in? I’ll make some changes so it is more engaging that the customary Mailchimp templates. Will share them with you once ready

Oh! Sounds like a great plan.

Code for the discount: OSF16OSCEDAYS

It’s valid until 08/04

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Great! Whoops, sorry about posting the log-in here! Can you let me know when you’re finished customising? :smiley:

Yep :slightly_smiling:

Will let you know. Probably will be done by this evening.

Great, thanks. I want to profile three cities from three continents…but for some reason they keep jumping out of alignment. I haven’t added the content for the third city yet.

Have you also copied all the new sign ups from the wordpress into the list - as described here

Hey Sharon,

got caught up with something else today. Have noted it for tomorrow.

Have taken a look at the alignment problems, but I am not sure I know what you mean. Could you take a screenshot to show the problem? I’ll take another look tomorrow and try to correct if you still need some help tomorrow.

Hey @Lars2i,

Yep, I added the subscribers to the Mailchimp list yesterday.

Do you mind if I change tomorrow the newsletter subscription form on the Wordpress to Mailchimp’s?

Nope. I do not mind :slight_smile:

Please just make a note about that in the Newsletter Solution Documentation.

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Cool :slightly_smiling:

One more thing @Lars2i, can we get an email for the newsletter like news@oscedays.org?

Will be much more profesh than if we send it from sharon’s or my email.

Once set whoever has access to the email creation will have to verify the email for Mailchimp just by confirming it once we set it up.

Maybe we can use the same account that is used for Twitter

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Which one is the one we use for Twitter?

Could you also let me know if we have an official adress? This is required by law and for the moment we have an address in Berlin, Netherlands :slightly_smiling:

Update: @sharmarval, I just branded the signup process to our colors and change the newsletter form in the homepage.

I thought I could do more and tweek some more messaging during the newsletter onboarding, but I realized we need to upgrade to the paying option to do it.

Let me know how it goes with the rest of the newsletter.

Things pending:

  • official address of the foundation to be added
  • an oscedays.org email to send the newsletter