[TASK: NEWSLETTER #2] OSCEdays Global Newsletter 2 March 2016



Hi, I don’t know how to set up news@oscedays.org

Probably we need to ask @pierreozoux about that. But I am not sure how fast we will be able to set it up.



For the next time, you need to login to https://mail.indie.host with contact@oscedays.org email.



Cool, thanks @pierreozoux

Sorry to bother again,but could you please give me the verification code Mailchimp sent us? You can find it in the news@oscedays.org inbox.

Once we got this done, we’ll be all set for the newsletter.

Thanks again!

@Lars2i, do we have an official adress for the foundation?


Hey, the content for the newsletter is all finished now.

We need to send it asap, otherwise the discount code for ouishare will run out @cameralibre

Is the email stuff sorted out now? Does someone who is more familiar with Mailchimp want to send it out? @Lars2i @Jaime



Still waiting on the verification Mailchimp code. Can anyone pm me the access to the news@oscedays.org account so I can verify it? @pierreozoux @Lars2i

@Lars2i can you also let me know the official adress of the foundation? I haven’t been able to find it in the statuses.

@sharmarval Will send it as soon as I got these two things :wink:


Mmh. as said, there is now news@oscedays.org - never has been. And I am not sure, if @pierreozoux can set it up. Can you Pierre?

The official address of the foundation is Janoschs home address. I do not know it and he is on the road.

Till then you can give out mine.

Lars Zimmermann (co Witt)
Alte Schönhauser Str. 27
10119 Berlin


I guess he created it. I just need access to it now, or to the login to https://mail.indie.host with contact@oscedays.org email.

Will just use your address for now until we get something better (won’t add your name, so people won’t harass your house bell :wink: )


Sent all details to james (and reset all pass on the way).

James is now able to admin all emails thingys :slight_smile:


Hi all, wanted to check if the newsletter officially went out - I received one that looked great :slight_smile: but wasn’t sure if was a test - wanted to check before promoting through social media - cheers


Yep, that was the official release. You can share as widely as you want :slight_smile:


Super - will get on it :wink: