[NEWSLETTER #1] OSCEdays Global Newsletter 1 - January 11, 2016

sent January 11, 2016

OSCEdays Newsletter #1 – Next OSCEdays in June 2016, & an OSCE Organisation

OSCEdays Newsletter #1 | Read it in the OSCEdays Forum: [NEWSLETTER #1] OSCEdays Global Newsletter 1 - January 11, 2016


Welcome to the first ever newsletter of the Open Source Circular Economy Days!
We would love to use this opportunity to invite you to join us in creating the 2nd global Open Source Circular Economy Days, happening around the world from June 9th – 13th 2016.

The new website for 2016 is already up, and the call for cities is now open. http://oscedays.org

So if you are interested in organizing a local event in your city, we are ready and we’d love to have you, get in touch and join us.

This week we’ll start the campaign to spread the call for cities across the globe. Please join us in that task and help to spread the word on social media, on your blog etc.

How about posting this:

The #OpenSource #CircularEconomy Days Call for Cities for June 2016 is open! Join the network. http://oscedays.org #OSCEdays

And if you can think of specific people who might be interested in taking part or organizing an event, please send them a message and suggest that they get in touch.

You can find more templates for posts and ideas about how to join our campaign here: [TASK] Spread The Call For Cities - for OSCEdays 2016

The second big news is that we have been busy in the past month, founding a non-profit organisation for the OSCEdays. This will enable the community to do more, it will steward events and projects throughout the year, and develop more complex projects, building towards an Open Source Circular Economy.

We’re aiming for a founding date in the first quarter of 2016. There are plenty of ways for you to get involved – as a member, or part of the future Board of Stewardship for example.
To find out what happened so far and how to join us, a good starting point is our updated global OSCEdays READ ME FIRST: Readme First: The Global OSCEdays

Thank you very much, we’re looking forward to working together and we hope to talk to you soon!

Lars, Silvia, Gien, Jaime, Erica, Sharon, Sam, Tim – the provisional OSCEdays Board of Stewardship

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Have there been any more newsletters sent since this first one? It could be a great time to do so now…

I can help if someone can do it with me. @BoST

Hey Sharon,

I think it would be a great idea to restart it.

I won’t have much time this week, but from next tuesday I can work on it with you. Would that be ok?

Yes, let’s do it.

I was reading about online communities the last few days and really good content is a great way to keep people engaged. We can share a lot through the newsletter: new cities and partners, a highlight from 2015, the latest on the OSCE blog and the outlook for 2016 :slight_smile:

Also, the newsletter can be a great way to build the community because we can encourage people to share it with their networks.

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Cool initiative! Keep me in the loop. I can give feedback to the newsletter.

I got an email from the OuiShare Fest team on the 15th with this offer:

Only 2 months to go before OuiShare Fest in Paris and we have a very special offer to share with your community: we’d like to offer you a 1-week long Early Bird ticket special, at a 35 % discount of the current price!

We invite you to share this discount with your community via a newsletter/ email in the next 2 weeks.

To do so, please send me a quick email with the date of the newsletter you can share it in, so I can send you a customized discount code for your organization.

So, if our newsletter goes out before the 29th, we can include a discount for OuiShare Fest, as Jaime will be presenting OSCEdays there, and I assume a number of people from the network will also take the chance to meet up there as well.

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Hi @cameralibre okay! Will aim to get it out asap. @Jaime and I are looking at it on Thursday.

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