REBUILDING OSCEdays September - October 2016 – Progress & Discussions

Following the discussion about the FUTURE and redesign of OSCEdays started in late August 2016 and the green light to start the building in the BoST call from September 5 2016 the rebuild of OSCEdays has begun.

New things will be published below in the comments for feedback and discussion. Please join the discussion.

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##Draft For New Participation Guide & Onboarding Process Is Published

Here is a draft for the future call for local organizers and communities. It outlines and facilitates a new onboarding process that works without skype calls and involves the use of the forum from the first OSCEdays interaction on.

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##ACTION Protocols Template

Hi, I was just ready to post the template and criteria for ACTION Protocols for feedback when I discovered an older idea on my to do list which is to write already the meta-information about ACTION Protocols down in the form of an ACTION Protocol. I think this is a good idea and I plan to do a rewrite in that way. But I wanted to share this draft already today before the BoST Call - but for now just in the form of a document - as .DOC & .PDF

ACTION Protocols Template - Vs 1.0.doc (61.5 KB)

ACTION Protocols Template - Vs 1.0.pdf (76.6 KB)


The final draft is published now. (See comment below)

##OSCEdays History Subpage

Hi, on the new webpage we will need a subpage telling the history of OSCEdays - what happened so far. To have a slim front page I think it should be a subpage. Here is a draft for it. Are you ok with the way the story is told?

##ACTION Protocols – Template, Criteria & ACTION published

Hi, I finished the draft for the ACTION Protocols – probably the future heart of OSCEdays. Please have a look and give feedback.


List of Ideas For ACTION Protocols

Since noone brought up any concerns I cleaned up the ACTION Protocol explanation as well as the participation guide and published it where it is supposed to be. We can still improve it but for now it is official.

##°OSCEdays TV°

I created a category in the Forum called °OSCEdays TV° or °OSCEdays in Video°

There we can/could

(1) collect videos that were produced in the context of OSCEdays

(2) Provide Tutorials and a structure how events in the future can connect via Video by themselves and provide recordings of that conversations. (This part needs to be developed).

##New Website Is Up

@BoST +

The new website is up. As usual the first version is far from beeing perfect. But a start is made. Feedback is very welcome. (At least the texts will probably need some work - native speakers).

Would be cool to check all the links.


(The green dot in the DIF collaboration will be replaced with another graphic design in the coming weeks)

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Get your lab coat on, meet people from all over the world and use & create open

The goal is to find Ideas for ACTIONS and build teams around them.

Implement ACTIONS at local events

implement the developed ACTIONS at small local events or happenings that will be connected online.

Delete: __?, \O>/

Main page:

All the top links work.

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hi @Lars2i. This category can be use for the creation of video material to promote the OSCED?

Hi Ricardo, mmh maybe the °OSCEdays TV° category is the better one for Video (It is in the INTROS, HOWTOS, HELP Meta-Category)

In this category I will upload a tutorial in the coming days how people can stream from their local events or use video-streaming to connect to other events.

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###Forum Video Tutorial Published

There is a video tutorial for the forum now.