[BoST Call, Sep 5, 11 am GMT] - General Call of provisional BoST 22

Meeting on Skype (Google hangout as back-up, link will be posted here).
Lars will invite Paul Bristow

Moderator: @Lars2i
Scribe: @Silvia

Other participants: @JayKay @TechnicalNature @makegeneve


##1 . Hi & Introduction Round

Are there new people? Let’s have a quick introduction round. And please everyone tell us how you are.
Paul attended, introduced his work. He will decide if he want to join BoST.

##2 . Future of OSCEdays

How to go on with the OSCEdays - How to reinvent it? Here is a topic with ideas to discuss


We like the new OSCE structure. Lars will update the website.
We still expect contributions to the topic, as per link above.

##3 . DIF Collaboration

Due mid-September, so let’s focus this call mainly on this topic. Here is a topic with ideas to discuss:


We discussed in detail Lars’ proposal. A physical event in Berlin in week 3 will be part of our proposal.
We decided to set-up a Skype call with Joe Iles and look over our draft with him. Lars is setting-up the call.

Erica, Lars, Silvia and Paul are interested in the DIF collaboration and can dedicate time to it. Depending on the funding available we will decide if we can participate and to what extent. Lars will start a budget topic.

Paul noted that he sees as a main barrier for OSCE concept and practice the ability of organizations, especially large corporations to scale it.

We agree that our community could have a significant role in connecting grassroots/makers/hackers with large corporations/major market players.

We can help individuals and organizations “do and dream”.

##4 . Election of new BoST update

Current count =8: Lars, Sharon, Julia, Silvia, Johnny, Gien, Melanie, Erica
Deadline: Sep 30, 2016
Please continue to sign up at:


##5. …

Lars and the CRCLR Economy Network Germany had a good start with Veolia Water. They are very discussing to adopt OS to their existing CE initiatives.

Has anybody asked Melanie if she wants to be on BoST? It would be nice to have a representative on each continent, although it makes regular meetings more challenging because of worldwide timezones.


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@Gien, Woops my bad. I forgot to reply. but yes i just signed up! Thank you for thinking of me and Southeast Asia :smile:

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I plan to join.

@makegeneve Hi Paul, we hope you will join us.

I can join. I may have to leave at short notice as I have a client who may call.

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I have a research meeting today and it’s my first week in my new post. Apologies.


of the call is between the Agenda above.