OSCEdays Berlin 2017 Documentation

The OSCEdays festival took place 3 weeks ago at the CRCLR House under the theme the Circular City. Over 750 participants ranging from businesses and grassroots organizations to politicians and neighbors joined in THE 4 DAY PROGRAM.

We witnessed inspiring and thought-provoking discussions, took part in creative challenges and hands-on workshops!

We would like to thank everyone who came by to share their knowledge and engage in finding tangible solutions towards a circular future.

If you would like to read more on the valuable insights that were collected during these 4 days, please download our OSCEdays Berlin Review and the Full Workshop Documentation.

Here’s a selection of pictures from the 4 days

Stay tuned for our upcoming School for Circular Practices & see you at the CRCLR House!


Is your workshop documentation also available in linkable HTML form, for long-term accessibility placed outside of a proprietary silo?

Hi @almereyda did you see the downloadable pdf or were you looking for something else? We created the documentation in this google docs

Best @leona, I am asking about an accessible document on the (world wide) web. These documents, stored in open formats, are compiled into a format called HTML, which makes it universally accessible. PDFs are to be considered a vendor locked-in (Adobe), proprietary format that is at best to be avoided for emancipatory practices.

I have recently copied such a PDF into web text, to make it more accessible by search engines, but also to have it ready in linkable form.

The thing about a printable PDF is, no matter how beatuifully it is designed, it will not make use of a digital medium’s strengths, but rather reamplify the drawbacks of paper culture.

Coming from there, @ilektra, do your mapping activities continue? I’m based in Berlin and interested in helping out with the web map and cartographic campaigning methodology, if you like.

@ilektra @leona By incidence, I am going to be close to the location of CRCLR on Friday from 13:00. Is someone of you people going to be at that place beforehand? I’d like to stop by and say hi.

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Hi @almereyda, I won’t be here since I don’t work on Fridays. We however discussed your point internally and will make sure to post the content on our website in a searchable HTML format over the course of the next weeks. Thank you again for pointing that out and see you next time!

Thank you. If you like to work in Markdown for text production, remember you can always also use this discourse to create linkable artefacts.