WORKSHOP – OSCEdays Berlin 2017, July 1st - Mapping Circular Initiatives in Berlin - Session No 1: WHAT

##Who are we?
We are some experts joining forces with CRCLR Lab and OSCEdays

##Beschreibung / Description
Berlin is a city with many activities and initiatives around Circular Economy. However, we have noticed that there is no central database gathering and picturing them all in an easy to find tool.
We thought that it would be a great idea to create a flexible, good looking and easy to find online Circular Map in English that would picture all circular initiatives in Berlin!
For this reason, we are organizing two sessions on two sequential days. On the first day (July 1st) we brainstorm on WHAT we are going to map and on the second day (July 2nd) we run a CROWD-SOURCING data collection of circular initiatives in Berlin.

On the first day of our workshop we are going to focus on defining which initiatives (i.e. businesses, collectives, organizations etc) should be included in the map. We will try to answer the questions:

  • What is the definition of a circular initiative?
  • How do other cities define circular initiatives?
  • Which circular initiatives do already exist in Berlin?
  • How could we filter them?


We will get inspired by examples of other cities and we will brainstorm in small groups and share in the end our conclusions with the bigger group.

Hopefully, by the end of the first session, we will be holding in our hands a common idea/definition of which initiatives could be included in the Circular Map and a first draft list of initiatives that we already know in Berlin!

So, we would like to invite everyone who feels called by the idea of creating a Circular Map for Berlin and has knowledge of existing initiatives that could be included!

Please feel free to post here useful links and suggestions of people, initiatives, tools we should take into account for this workshop!

Looking forward to joining forces on this endeavor!

##Wann / When
Saturday July 1st, 15:00-17:00, at the space of Agora


Session No 2 on β€œHOW”, July 2nd


An international collaborative map example:


Thanks a lot Reinhild!
We look forward to further brainstorming with you on July 1st. Will you join us?

#Update: Results

The results are shared for now in THIS FLICKR ALBUM It is pictures from the collected data on paper. But @friederike is digitizing it also and will share an Excel-Sheet later with us.

#Trennt Map!

Look what I just found (cleaning up the flyer-box in my house) o_O

Here is a fully developed map with lots of entrys created by BSR:

It is always so weird to see, that these resources already exist. And
this map is really really good. Easy to navigate. And it is not just a
Map. It is already super interactive. There is also a list. And when you
click on the items in the list you get a description and a link and an
image, social media profiles sometimes even a phone number. Wow.

Probably good to partner up with them for the upcoming event.

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