OpenLabs Newsletter #3 DRAFT

###Subject line: The OSCEdays Open Labs have started!

The OSCEdays Open Labs are a 3 week online & offline process to discuss, invent and start the building of the circular city across the globe. Yesterday we have successfully launched the OSCEdays Open Labs with a Live Video Streaming with inputs from Berlin, Germany, Yangxin, China and Cape Town, South Africa. You can still watch the video here.

I think this is a good link. The Video Recording will be embedded right at the top of the Discussion Topic.

##Stage 1 is on: PLAN - Collection of Action Ideas

We have started the open collection of action ideas. The first actions ideas have already been posted: on food policy, on working with an open modular grid and on mapping circular projects in your city. What are practical ideas and solutions for the circular city? What do you believe would make your city circular? Brainstorm with us!


##In The Time Machine To 2050
The first phase of the lab is dedicated to an open discussion, brainstorming and collection of ideas. Lars contributed to this ‘a missing chapter’ of H. G. Wells The Time Machine written in 1895. It is a chapter about the Circular City and plays in the year 2052. We share this chapter also here in our blog and invite you to add to it in our Circular City brainstorming discussion.

##Save The Date for the Next Live Video Streaming
####11 NOV, 10am GMT
Stage 2: CREATE of the OSCEdays Open Labs is starting on 11 November with a Live Video Streaming at 10am GMT. We will start to create the actions so they can be implemented in local events in Stage 3.

LINK: [Recordings] – Video Program Open Labs – NOV 2016

##Map Your City
We have already local events happening in Berlin, Schwäbisch Gmund and Las Palmas De Gran Canaria. Do you also want to join in stage 3 by implementing an action in your city? Get your city on the map!

LINK [TUTORIAL] - Register Your Local OSCEdays Event

##Keep Tweeting
We will post updates about the brainstorming progress on twitter. Follow us! (LINK to twitter)
#OSCEdays #OpenLabs #Thinkdif

Cool! Looks good.

I think it is good, to always add one sentence on top with a general explanation what OSCEdays Open Labs are and when they are happening for people who have not opened the newsletters so far.

ok, so now we have the stage. So, what’s about warming up the community and invite them to join discussions? Maybe, I may send personal letters from OSCEdays to invite them to write actions and make events? Does it make sense?
I can manage it this week, but I probably need contacts, I saw the link with contacts of project managers, is the info still actual?

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