OPEN LABS Communication Plan NOV 2016

Hi, I am @Frans. I am running the communication before and during Open Labs on the Circular City November 2016 in collaboration with the OSCEdays @BoST & Community. In this topic we layout and discuss the communication strategy. Want to help? Just post a comment or write me a message.

Main Development Document Is Here.

Important Communications Sub-Documents

#OVERVIEW: Planned Communication Activities

###1 st Circle: OSCE Participants & existing network

(START: 25th of October)

  • Personal approach
  • Newsletters (See timeline for Newsletters below)
  • Set-Up of facebook event, activating facebook group, activating twitter
  • Objective: get OSCEdays network active around Circular Cities

###2nd Circle: Potential participants, network & partners

(START: 31st of October)

  • Activating broader network, DIF network, and possible participating organizations
  • Personalized mailing with follow up
  • Social media: Twitter, Facebook pages & groups
  • Collaborative communications with DIF
  • Local partnerships & network activating (by local participants)
  • Objective: Get more awareness for OSCEdays in our broader networks; get more activities outside of OSCEdays network

(More detailed Info how this works and about progress made will be share here [LINK]/below)

###3rd Circle: Partner list: Possible future Media Partners, Sponsors

(START: 3rd of November)

  • Personalized mailing to key partners
  • Objective: partnerships for the future

(More detailed Info how this works and about progress made will be share here [LINK]/below)

###4th Circle: wider audience of professionals

(START: 3rd of November)

  • Press events
  • Send out a press release (focus on specialized blogs, newsletters and media (tech/maker/green), and local media)
  • Objective: Creating media awareness

(More detailed Info how this works and about progress made will be shared here [LINK]/below)


###Newsletter #1
Sent Tuesday 25th of October 2016

###Newsletter #2
Tuesday 1st of November 2016

  • Join the video event on the 7th of November!
  • How to participate with your local event
  • The three phases
  • Video Tutorial
  • News: First cities with local Actions: Berlin, Las Palmas, … (?).
  • Facebook Event

Check & update the Newsletter #2 Draft

###Newsletter #3
Tuesday 8th of November 2016

  • Recap of video event, link to video
  • Time machine to 2050
  • Map your city


###Newsletter #4
Tuesday 15th of November 2016

  • Recap of Action Ideas
  • Stage 2 is On

The DRAFT Text for the Newsletter #4

###Newsletter #5
Tuesday 29th (TBD)

  • Evaluation, What has happened
  • Documentation of Actions
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