In this topic you can learn about the general city onboarding procedure & find a list with dates and minutes of onboarding calls.

Here is the workflow for the Onboarding Team/the Onboarding process

###STEP 1: Mail to the Onboarding Team
All people interested in organizing an event should sent an email to the onboarding team as suggested in the participation guide. This team is right now @cameralibre @Lars2i @JuliaP & @unteem – Contact details are on the main contact page at oscedays.org/contact

Also if you are part of the BoST or whatever. Interested local organizers should always send an email to the onboarding team.

###STEP 2: Mail to arrange a call
When an email comes in @cameralibre or @Lars2i reply suggesting 3 dates to meet on skype or hangouts. Use worldtimebuddy http://worldtimebuddy.com for example to check time differences. If the request mail was send to only one of the onboarding team the reply will go out to all.

Here is a template for the email:


thanks for your message, we would love to talk to you about the possibility of OSCEdays XXXXXX.

The next step for us is to meet on skype to answer all the questions you might have, brainstorm ideas together and get to know each other bit.

How About:

(3 dates with times suggested)

Feel free to suggest other dates and times.

My Skype ID is: XXXXXX

All the best,


###STEP 3: Announce the call
When they replay and a date is set we will publish the date here in the forum in this very topic. Just announcing the time the city we are going to talk about. This gives others the possibility to join the calls.

###STEP 4: The Call
The goal of these calls is to answer the questions potential local organisers might have but also check out if they have understood, what the OSCEdays are about. In the call we will ask them, if they really want to do it.

When the call has ended and there is time, we will create a little write up of it and post it below in the calls list.

###STEP 5: Set Up The Infrastructure For Them
If they after the call still want to do it and they send their final yes these are the steps the onboarding team will do to complete the onboarding process:

  1. Create a Profile for the city in the backend of the website (status “contributor”) called Team °°°°City°°°° [btw. Use for everything the english name of the city - “Rome” not “Roma”]

  2. Create subpage on oscedays.org for the city, including this: [a] - Activate “Default Template”, [b] Make URL of the page oscedays.org/city-2016, [c] If the city was already part last year go to the old page and change the URL from oscedays.org/city to /city-2015, [d] add the email addresses of local organizers to the subpage, [e] give the Team editing rights (make them editor) to the page.

  3. Add the city to the main page and link to the subpage

  4. Add their contact details to the main contact page at oscedays.org/contact

  5. Create category in the forum for the city

  6. Add a tag for their city “city-NAME” to the system (you can use the “About the CITY category” for this.

  7. Add this text into the “About the CITY-category” topic: “For community organization in and around °°°°CITY°°°°. Challenges do not belong here but in one of the green “Questions & Challenges” categories in the forum. Please use the tag “city-°°°°CITY°°°°” there.”

  8. Reorder the categories alphabetically

  9. Send them out the general Welcome Email

The Email in 6 asks them to send over a Logo. When the Logo comes in please put into this cloud folder so Sam can edit it if necessary and upload it to the page.

Here are the calls in front of us and behind us. If you want to join one of the calls leave a comment below or write to @cameralibre @unteem & @Lars2i so we can include you when setting up the call.

#Calls Made

Documentation of some of the onboarding calls.

We stopped to document the Onboarding Calls in March because it was too many and we did not really see the benefit of it.

###EINDHOVEN | Netherlands
Thursday, 3rd March 16:00 CET

###MADRID | Spain
Tuesday, 8th March 18:00 CET

Monday, 7th March 15:00 CET
Mukesh is great. They investigate in Urban Farming and Urban Sustainability. Well connected people. They are in.

###ABERDEEN | Scotland, UK
Monday, 7th March 14:00 CET
Bob is a retired chemist, member of the green party and has a lot of experience with software. He is interested in making the local government use real open workflows - so that citizen can see, how decisions are made. He is also very much interested in making housing cheaper. As member of the green party he for sure understands the concept of Circular Economy although his two main ideas are not directly linked to it. He will think about how to set up a local event that fits his and the OSCEdays focus and try to get other people involved with the event and get back to us if he manages to accomplish both.

###SINGAPORE | Singapore
Tuesday 1st March, 11:00 CET
Melanie - chat was nice. Melanie is even thinking of joining the Board Of Stewardship. Ah, and Singapore is in.

###LISSABON | Portugal
Friday 26th Feb, 12:00 CET
The Call was not about a local event for JUNE 2016 but for one in OCTOBER 2016 as part of GreenFest.PT - See CHAT comment here.

###BILBAO | Spain
Wednesday 24th Feb 21:00 CET
Habib & Gabriela are in. They are interested in food (local chains and awareness) & fashion.

###VANCOUVER | Canada
Wednesday, 17th Feb, 21:15 CET
Belinda is a consultant for Circular Economy and Waste Management. She is interested in making CE-knowledge widely available in order to make real change possible. She will create a local event in Vancouver.

###MEXICO CITY | Mexico
Monday, 15th Feb 18:00 CET
Oscar and Lilian – they run an official fablab in Mexico City with an Open Innovation Center with 5000m2 and focus on Open Source Tech for impact. They also have an Accelerator for Sustainability. They do support the Agile Development Model also for Hardware. And Oscar had some ideas, how to connect this skills and make it available to the global OSCEdays community. (He is connected to this: http://leanstartupmachine.com ) – He will think about it a bit more and eventually create a topic with his ideas here in the forum.
Ah, and they gave their final YES right in the call.

###WELLINGTON | New Zealand
Thursday, 11th Feb 08:00 CE
Anthony Cabraal from Enspiral is one of the people organising the Open Source // Open Society conference in Wellington sometime at the end of the southern hemisphere winter (the first OS//OS was last April). He sees OSCEdays as a good fit and a great activity for their community in the lead-up to their conference. I (Sam) think Enspiral would be a fantastic organization to have involved! They would likely be able to contribute a great deal to the ‘how to organize a hackathon’ research and documentation, amongst other things. Ants will talk to the team and get back to us.

Thursday, 11th Feb 20:00 CET

Kaitlyn Menghini and Paricha Duangtaweesub run the blog Sustainable by Design, they have been studying chemistry and manufacturing and have organised events on campus focussing on sustainability. The open source concept is relatively new to them but they are young and keen, ready to learn! They will get back to us when they next meet up in a couple of weeks (they’re actually based in LA & Palo Alto).

Monday, 15th Feb 11:00 CET
Christiana from the Meraki People (she introduced herself twice in the “Introduce Yourself” thread) is really into hands on stuff - to enable people to deal with their local needs. So I guess, a lot DIY. She was for many years a trader in the NYC stock exchange but quit: “Reconnecting to nature is important.” She said, she will definitely make an event in the countryside. She will connect with government officials to get them in. Following from that discussions she will send us the name of the village she is finally going to create the event.

?CITY? | Liberia

Wedneday, 10th Feb 12:00 CET
Jeedlee was sitting in a public cafe with no windows in Liberia, it was super loud, car horns, people talking, screaming … so i did not understand everything, for example the name of the town he is in. Jeedlee is the founder and director of a foundation for educational resources. He told me, that Liberia is very poor and underdeveloped and that he wants to do something against this. He is already in touch with 5 institutions regarding the OSCEdays and is thinking about doing something with students. He knew Open Source but I am not super sure if he really understood Circular Economy, yet. Anyway. He will think about it and get back to us, if he really want’s to do it.

###BRUSSELS | Belgium
Friday, 5th feb 12:30 am CET
Mathieu is part of collective that is occupying occupying a big field in Brussels where they developed a collective garden, http://latinis.wordpress.com. They have until 2019 - 2020 to develop their project there, the field being used for a huge housing project. They already had in mind to organise a project similar to POC21 and the oscedays. Their focus being on sustainable housing, energy and agriculture. They are planning to initiate event from March-April and will join the oscedays. Mathieu also worked on project to share resources called Brussels Mode d’emploi, http://maps.dewey.be/. We already had some contacts from Brussels and will put them in touch. there will be some actions in the european capital.


Friday, 5th feb 12:00 am CET
Giulia and Francesco are working in company that research on end of life materials, mainly rubber and tires. They aim at combining information for a large public and setting up services such as legal support to trade exchanges enabled by their platform. They have a systemic approach in their activities mixing multi-stakeholders and tend to have a practical and hands on approach for collaboration, opportunities and ideas. They are also interested in topics such as big data. Their experience sounds quite interesting and great potential assets for the community.
They will get back to us to let us know if they want to join the adventure.

MAN | Ivory Coast

Wednesday 03rd Feb 19:00 am CET
Daniel is co-founder of Ayihalo, a community space in a rural area in Ivory Coast. There they focus on agricultural issues and develop projects with an experimental program on circular economy. As most change-makers in Africa, open source and circular economy is their everyday life! Funny thing, Daniel was at the Baby Lab in Abidjan when we had the call and Obin who organized the OSCEdays last year there was also with him and confirmed that he will do it again. Daniel will get back to us soon
UPDATE: They are in :smile:

###ROME | Italy
Tuesday 2nd Feb 14:30 am CET
Leonardo is an artist, he co-founded the Fablab Roma Makers, an active place in the maker scene. He is also involved in the Social Business Summit. Leonardo gave us a definite and strong yes. He and his team are motivated to set up the OSCEdays in Rome. Leonardo will also help to connect to others cities in Italy (Rural Hub near Neaples, Scuola Open Source in Bari and Proteina - cowo and FabLab - near Turin). He asked us to provide an official paper that prove his involvement in the OSCEdays as it is something necessary in Italy to collaborate with institutions, universities and companies. (We had a similar request last year from Bogota. Maybe something we need to formalize.)

###ROTTERDAM | Netherlands
Tuesday 2nd Feb 13:00 CET
(Sabine - BlueCity.nl) – It was nice. Sabine is part of BlueCity - an old swimming pool that is going to be a super big and interesting circular economy/blue economy hub in Rotterdam. She was in Chile when we were on skype where she will promote the OSCEdays further. And at the end she gave her final YES. Welcome on board.

###SAO PAULO | Brazil
Tuesday 2nd Feb 11:00 CET (Andreas)
DOCU: There are very interested. Make-Sense network and Hub for social and sustainability entrepreneurs. They want to do probably a TED-like event + hackathon and are very interested in #Textiles! They will discuss it one more time internally and than most likely send their final Yes.

###FLORENCE | Italy
Saturday, 30th Jan 11 am CET /or/ Tuesday 2nd Feb 18:30 CET
Call was nice! Stefano works at the university in florence as a project manager for european projects and is involved with the local fablab in florence. The fablab has a good open hardware community. But they also want to bring in interesting companies to the local OSCEdays event. They will most probably create challenges around the subject of “Internet of Things” - which is great, because we had in Shenzhen people working on it last year. They also have access to a chinese community (based in Prato, mostly focussed on challenges) so they could take care of translating some of the documentation of Shenzhen from last year (which sadly is still missing) – we should make the connection. They want to discuss it internally one more time but there are very likely to send their final YES next week.
Btw. Stefano really liked that we have this calls - it showed to him, that we do not just give away randomly the brand to everyone who sends an email … Never thought about it that way, but good to know that it signals this.

###COPENHAGEN | Denmark
Tuesday, 26th Jan 14:30 CET
Christian from the Danish Design Centre is developing a number of research and development projects in the design field, and there’s a lot of overlap with OSCE, open business models, etc. Running a local OSCE event may fit in nicely to those plans, he will get back to us. (Was there someone else from Copenhagen who was interested? can we get them in touch with Christian?)

###MAASTRICHT | Netherlands
Monday, 25th Jan 14:00 CET
Adrien and Sami (spelling?) are excited about the prospect of OSCEdays, and they’re going to spread the word at a local CE event this week, and see what kind of formats/challenges they can come up with. They will get back to us soon to confirm if they’re taking part.

###HO-CHI-MINH | Vietnam
Friday, 22nd Jan 10:00 CET
Minh was involved in an OSCEdays event last year, re-using waste materials and making videos. She is keen to be involved again, but first needs to talk to her co-organizers. She will get back to us.

###MANILA | Philippines
Thursday, 21st Jan 09:30 CET
Rachel is super motivated and is a zero waste warrior. She already studied and worked on the waste situation in Philippines. She will be based in Manilla as a community developer in Asia for MakeSense. We will stay in touch. Pretty safe to say that something will happen there.

###MARIBOR | Slovenia
Monday January 18, 13:00 CET
DOCU: It was a nice call with Andrej @Lars2i & @unteem - They run a fablab in Maribor (Kreatorlab & Citilab) and are interested and experienced in hackathons. They will have a team meeting and make their decision if they are going to do an event.
UPDATE: They wrote a while later sending their YES.



Astros, Greece is in (this is “Village to announce, Greece” in the list above). @Lars2i please start the city page and send the login info. Thank you.

Local organizer Christiana Grardikioti

Kαλωσόρισμα Άστρος!

Today is closing day to onboard cities? If so, if a city is interested but has not decided yet, is there any way they can still participate this year?


first: If they have a trustable story how they could set up an event in less then 4 weeks, they can still join.

second: yes, in general the OSCEdays brand can be taken for all kinds of events during the year - not just in JUNE. So if they have another date in mind, they should contact and we can come up with a solution together with them. And announce it on the main page - their dates - so other cities can join them. I see some kind of timeline “Upcoming OSCEdays Events. - Join them, get in touch with us.”

third: Last year there were people from Ho Chi Minh - just doing an event without “confirmation” - they published their challenge also in the forum. So the forum is always there for local communities to use. And if they would need a city category to organize the community, we can set it up for them anytime. / They can use the expert program and watch the video streams.

fourth: any other ideas?


Just while I am on it. In the future we need to restructure the onboarding. The procedure above takes 1 hour per city. So you can imagine, quite a workload with 70 cities in. … If there are more cities, not really doable. And not elegant.

I just park a view first thoughts here for a possible future process:

###1. We should have an FAQ category for event organization
In the calls we answer the questions of people. This can do in a category as well with topics.

###2. Make them write an "application essay"
Another reason for the calls is to check if they have really understood what the event is about and are not just there to grab a “cool brand”. So we can make them post publicly applications. And ask 2 or 3 questions to answer. / How do you plan to implement Open Source into your event - See what others did…/

###3. Community Calls
And then we could have the community calls. Right now, they are not attended because there is no real need for them. But then, interested local organizers could join us - and meet. Because, it is good to meet them face to face! And it might be even better if there are more people in.

###(4. Guarantor)
This is probably not a good idea. But local events could have to find a “guarantor” - someone from the community who is willing to vouch for them. There could be list of trusted community members. So, if the application looks strange, they need to get one of the vouchers to get in vouch with them. … But this might be to complex and is too likely to fail I think.

###5. + Welcome Video
@cameralibre suggested all of this could be accompanied by a Video with a Welcome Message - like the one I did with @JayKay for the Mentors. So people see some faces.

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Who is Rachel? Who has been in touch with her? I will travel to the Phillipines in January 2017 and want to get in touch with the OS and CE, Maker- Hacker- FabLab-communities to talk to them about OSCE. There’s a slight chance I could get them some funding for something like http://poc21.cc/ through the Mikrocredit institute I visit there, but I would need to know what they’re doing in the country and who’s behind it…
Meeting would need to be 15.1.2017 in Manila.

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