[COMMUNITY MAIL, Jan-May 2016] - Welcome to the OSCEdays 2016

This is the welcome Email to all people who will create an OSCEdays event JUNE 2016 in their city after we had an ONBOARDING CALL and all infrastructure is set up for them. | Compare to 2015.

Welcome to the OSCEdays


Hi >>>><<<<<,

nice to have you in!

I have created your subpage:

LOGIN: http://oscedays.org/wp-admin
NAME: Team >>>><<<<
PASS: >>>>>><<<<<<
(please change it soon)

Sign in to the backend and click on “Pages” to find your webpage.

There you can publish any information you need in order to engage and organize your local community - your motivations, questions, location, challenges or whatever. See the London https://oscedays.org/london/ or Helsinki https://oscedays.org/helsinki/ page (of 2015) for inspiration.

The wordpress has the plugin „Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes“ installed. It gives you several options to structure the page. Tutorial https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-bootstrap-shortcodes/

Please post only pictures you own and want to release under a creative commons license, or pictures that are under a creative commons license (only CC-BY or CC-BY-SA) with the proper attribution where necessary.

There is an >>>>>><<<<<< category created in the community forum, which you can use to organize your local event, publish information about the organization process and invite others to help you (see for example what Berlin, London or Barcelona did): http://community.oscedays.org/c/local-teams/>>>>>><<<<<<

Sign up on the top right of the page: http://community.oscedays.org/

Please send over a Logo of your organisation and a link to its website so we can publish it on the OSCEdays website with our other local organizers.

You can download all OSCEdays design files to use on your webpage, for your communication or sponsorship brochures for example from the public design files cloud folder: https://cloud.oscedays.org/index.php/s/buoZHwOUnB7A1Hw

Here in this topic we provide some sponsorhip-kits you can adapt to get your local event funded: Sponsorship Kits for Local OSCEdays Events (2016)

#–TWITTER (optional)–
If you use Twitter, please follow @OSCEdays and send a tweet with the hashtag #OSCEdays mentioning that you are local organizers, so we can follow you back and coordinate some twitter activities later.

#–BLOGPOST (optional)–
If you think that your organisation and ideas might be a good thing to post about in the OSCEdays Blog, you can post a text about it and how everything relates, or fits in to the vision of an Open Source Circular Economy in the OSCEdays Blog category in the forum. We will post it then in the OSCEdays Blog. http://community.oscedays.org/c/community-organization-global/blogposts

Ok, that’s it for now. We’ll keep in touch!

Sam, Lars & Tim (OSCEdays Onboarding Team 2016)

##EDITED OUT April 29


We have been sponsored with Ifixit, and they have agreed to sponsors us by sending to each local event a couple of 64 bit kits, some repair manifestos and stickers, and some repair manifesto posters so you can give them away and invite others to become part of the repair community.

For that they would need a list of names and addresses where they can send them.

Could you please fill the survey below as soon as possible. It should take you 1.5 minutes, and will help us make sure you get the kits for your event on time. It might be, that you are too late by now (first batch of addresses was already sent) but let’s hope for the best ; - )


A little feedback on the mail. It is May 9 today - the call for 2016 closes in 2 days. We onboarded 63 cities so far:

###1 BLOG
Noone sent a blogpost. So we should probably erase that bit the next time.

###2 LOGOS
Less then 5 have sent Logos. And also if they would have, it would have been a lot of work to add all their Logos to the page. And the page would have been too big, by far.

Not sure how the part with the Twitter worked. As I am not in charge there. @sharmarval @technicalnature - do people send a tweet about them being local organizers? Does that helpt